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September 12, 2010:  Always in remembrance of one of the more obvious acts of war against America, on 9/11/2001:
Read this, and remember.
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                                                                        CURRENT STUFF
October 7, 2012:

The channel froze, so I changed it.  "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" was coming on.  I'd seen it before, but a peculiar need for its resonance overcame me, and I watched it knowing it could crush me.  At the opening, before the movie even really started,I was already again wondering where, in this hollow ceiling, might there be something to hold my weight if I should hang myself.  It's not the first time.

By the end, I felt there was no need, because death will come soon enough.  But I still was quick to heat up some food, because eating is a very good antithetical strategy to wishing for death.  Not that I don't want to die.

I suppose most people can relate to the misery of loneliness, but for people like me, who never fit in, who were always on the outside, whose lives almost exactly mirror that of the outsiders in the movie, dead friends - our only friends - the distinctive rhythm of the story synchronizes perfectly with our heartbeats.  We are the movie.  We're just not dead yet.

After eating to save my life, the news channel was back because the movie channel froze, and I saw reports of disgusting incidents of bullying.  An "adult" joining his sweet little son in ridiculing a little girl with Cerebral Palsy.  Apparently, bullying is on the rise.  I'm not surprised.  People have abandoned God, either because they're not ensouled to begin with (which is why I'm still in support of legal abortion), or they're just the ordinary pigs who have to project their fear of weaknesses onto innocent scapegoats.  That is, by the way, the entire basis for the inherently fraudulent industry of psychiatry.

[Oh!  Stay alive to watch "American Horror Story - Asylum" at least.  Second season of the series.]

There's more bullying now for many reasons, but the most important one is that the USA is withering under Obama.  He goes on apology tours, and fundraisers in Vegas KNOWING just a few hours earlier, on September 11th, our Ambassador to Libya, despite requests for protection which he did NOT get, had been tortured and slaughtered and dragged through the streets while the terrorists were burning our flags and replacing them with Al-Qaida flags in almost every Islamic country.  Then, Obama and his pals spend weeks covering it up, apologizing to Morsi from Egypt who wants us to implement Sharia Law against all who speak against Islam.

Never mind the possibility of an Obama "lame duck" period, even if decent Americans do defeat him at the polls.  If Obama isn't ousted, we are sitting ducks, and we're going to "get it" FROM EVERYWHERE, including the US government.  You don't think so?  You don't think we're weak?  For dozens of reasons you SHOULD know. 

I was bullied throughout my youth, and after all those years I'm in this ridiculous situation I can't talk about.  This time it's very different.  It's not only my self-esteem or emotional health at risk, as it was in childhood.  That's why I was pondering the ceiling.  They'd find out the truth pretty quickly.  I just wouldn't be around to...

Well, such is the world.  I don't think much of humanity.  It's a happy thing to imagine the extinction of all primates, but I won't be exactly me when/if it happens.     

So if you're contemplating your ceiling, I recommend ordering a pizza.  If you like pizza.

Oh, another thing I noticed today; "Australian Dream Cream" might actually work!  You wouldn't know how amazing it is that I'm very near to planning a short walk!  I just have to try it again, and on more places.  So, if you're contemplating your ceiling, and you have several crippling conditions which allow you only very short stints on your feet, you might want to give that arthritis/pain cream a try. 

Unless you're Mary Poppins.  Maybe that was her secret?

September 16, 2012:

The young man who made the YouTube video, claiming to love "Christ", but hate religion, is a fake.  I sense very strongly he is an Islamist infiltrator (they've been massing in the West since at least the 1950s).  Their "time" is starting, and they hope that ours is ending.

Think of some of the things this person says.  To badly paraphrase, he quotes something he says is from the gospel of Paul which sounds antithetical to Christianity; he says something about "weakness" having to do with Jesus.  And something else implying one's relationship to God in Christianity is *not* direct and personal.  That, in Christianity, is entirely wrong.

His web site is called "fortheking[dot]tv", NOT "forJesus[dot]tv.  There are red flags all over the place, and this guy is one of them.

Other ongoing red flags: Obama refusing to support Israel; Obama not increasing security for US embassies around the world on 9/11; Obama not helping the Iranian student protesters in 2009 who wanted to oust the maniac who'll soon have the nukes to kill us all; Obama helping the radical Islamists who DO want to kill us all.  Just for a tiny set of examples.

I run into morons all the time who are still drinking the Obama Kool-Aid.  It's impossible to speak to them.  One either seeks wisdom, or doesn't.  One either seeks God, or doesn't (and once you find your relationship with God, it's so amazing - no matter your "religion", you want to congregate with others, because no one else is going to understand).

One's "religion" is a descriptor for the way one understands hir relationship with God.  Religion is a GOOD thing.  The only time religion is NOT a good thing is, apparently, when it comes to Islamists.    

Do not trust this "Jeff" guy.  I strongly sense he is not authentic -- he is not who or what he claims to be. 

September 4, 2012:

If you use a computer without a router, and without a top rated 'total internet security' suite, I recommend getting a router today, and shelling out the money for the new security software.  But buy the software directly from the software vendor because if it will also cover a phone or tablet, it's nearly impossible to get it done without THEIR receipt, as opposed to a receipt from a retailer (such as Tiger Direct, who I so very do NOT recommend doing business with).  Very worth it.  I probably have dozens of passwords to change, and the thought of it is exhausting.
August 31, 2012:

Oops, Correction:  Rx Mercury doesn't conjunct Mars, of course, at the November Eclipse.  They are semi-sextile, with Rx Mercury in Scorpio ruled by Mars in Sagittarius.

I think it has been evident that "the crazy eights", as I've been calling the Uranus-Pluto square with everything else hitting 8 degrees + minutes, in turn.  Tonight's Blue Moon, in fact, occurs on 8 degrees + minutes, as we honor the courage, career, and exemplary character of Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the Moon.

[September 4, 2012:  I wrote a whole bunch of stuff after that, and decided it was too complicated, so I just deleted it.]

August 29, 2012 [Later in the Day]:

Well, here's something I didn't say before, because I don't think I noticed it, regarding the two Solar Eclipses I mentioned earlier.  And this is bad.  [I pointed out months ago how afflicted the November Eclipse is, for reasons other than these.]

You see how that first degree of Virgo squaring the May Solar Eclipse at the first opening square of Saturn to Saturn's position in the Hurricane Katrina event precipitated (along with other factors) Hurricane Isaac?  And remember how this is the midpoint in apparent TIME between the May Solar Eclipse and the deadly November Solar Eclipse?

I took another look at the November Solar Eclipse, and you probably already noticed this on your own (allowances must be made for cognitive deterioration in torture victims):  What do we see but Rx Mercury square stationing-direct-Neptune on 1 degree Mutable, bringing back in the May Eclipse!  And since Mars rules the November Eclipse, Mars is in Sagittarius then - "aggression run wild".  Do we even want to think about the Mars ruled quincunx of Saturn-Uranus?  Do we even want to think about Mercury applying Rx to conjunct Mars?

This entire narrative picture is one of the most horrific I have ever seen.  I am not working with charts, only with the ephemeris, but I know something horrendous is going to erupt.

We get additional echos of 1 degree Mutable pulling the horror in on November 22, when Mercury by Rx has just hit the degree of November's Eclipse (and direct on December 3rd), and on December 11, and December 16 when Venus chimes in, after also conjoining the eclipse degree on December 9.  And December sees the return of The Crazy Eights, as well.

Your head is probably more focused than mine, because I'm going through absolute hell.  Maybe I'm projecting the report of disastrous destruction in these pictures.  But I don't think so.

I pray I'm wrong. 

August 29, 2012:

Fortunately, I'm not the Romney's astrologer because, if I were, I might have missed (but probably not, if I were out of this nightmare situation - and I should have been by now - and on their payroll) the significance of the Sun's entry into Virgo combined with the 7 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

What does Virgo have to do with it?  Only that the first degree of Virgo squares last May's Solar Eclipse!  I have come to see that in difficult or perilous times, with any difficult area of a chart (for some of us, it's the whole chart), a Solar Eclipse hitting any affliction usually portends extreme difficulties, sometimes even precipitates replays of entire portions of one's life (in nativities) which are particularly horrendous and can last for years, especially when the eclipse occurs by secondary progression.

Anyway, we have this rotten Hurricane Isaac which is awful in so many ways.  We're actually at the midpoint in TIME (apparent time, of course) between two Solar Eclipses - the one in May, and the one upcoming in November which looks like a nightmare, and I explained in the past why it is so.

On a related note, I was watching BBC World News, which I haven't done in ages, in the wee hours the other day, and I was struck by how much time they put into a segment on the USA Republican National Convention, and how Hurricane Isaac may adversely affect it.  I realized in a flash that England is desperate for Romney to win.  People are not going to come out and say it (probably) but they *want a strong and powerful USA again*!  I sense they are appalled by the road of destruction we've been shoved down by the current US administration.  If we remain on it, it's the end not only of us, but of them, as well. 

If Hitler were around today (and he is, in the Iranian madman), Obama would "negotiate".  And he is.  He's not tight on the sanctions, and he honestly doesn't much care.  He hates America.  He never grew up here.  He grew up somewhere in Indonesia and was raised a Muslim.  We don't know how he got here, but we know why.  His goal is to destroy the USA.  He's been doing a damned good job of it.  See the movie "2016" before you say I'm wrong.

Now, all around the world, despite Obama's profuse apologies for our continued existence, there are countries who hate us.  It's always been that way.  Would you rather they hated us while we have a strong military, or a weak one?  Do you like Putin's Russia, where female Christian punk performers (I have no idea what they are, but they were peaceably protesting) get a two year prison sentence?  Do you think Putin's going to honor the missile defense step-down?  I sure don't.  But Obama is...

Oh, and BHO did NOT kill Osama Bin Laden.  A group of Navy SEALs did!  AND, they could have done it way sooner, but bHo would not give the order!  I suspect one of his Chicago scumbags whispered in his ear it would be a good political move. 

Think of all of this when you're listening to the hollow man at the DNC use the word "I" 200 times in a speech.  And remember, if you are a fellow student of astrology, you are an individualist.  Barack Hussein Obama is a Collectivist.  Like The Borg.


I know I meant to write more but, unlike The Borg, I'm full of human quirks and imperfections, which are uniquely mine, and I can't remember what else I planned to say.  When I think of it, I'll try to peck it out.

August 12, 2012:

First, the good news.  You may not like Mitt Romney but he's not rich and successful because he's stupid; he's rich and successful because he's smart!  (Don't you wish the USA were rich and successful again?)  Nothing proved that to me until yesterday when I was glancing through the 'ephie' and noticed the stunning day, date, AND TIME he...  chose...  to announce his vp.  The breaking news came first, that the vp would be announced at 8:45 AM, Eastern Time...  [Ahem, ahem!]  Oh, not 8:30 AM, or 9:00 AM, or...  but 8:45 AM!

Are you giggling?  I did.  The timing must work back to his natal in some way, and I truly doubt his real TIME of birth will ever be released, because he must know that we now know...

OK.  So, this date and time gave him the Moon *past* sextile slow and limping Mercury, just out of its retrograde but still enshadowed, and just about to sextile Uranus for the excitement value and buzz, and then on to conjunct Jupiter for good news,  fortune, and favor, with sextiles and trines beyond that.  The Moon finished in trine to Saturn.  As you may have heard, for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction: massive earthquake in Iran after the announcement (unsure of time on that).

No, I'm not happy innocent civilians die, but I think it's an amazing cosmic answer in favor of the survival of the US.  We have no enemy so dangerous as Iran because it's in the grip of a madman who's building nukes, and has told us repeatedly he wants US dead, and he wants to have an Islamic caliphate rule the world.  With suicide soldiers, AND NUKES, they could, YES, ACTUALLY, accomplish that.  I have been warning about this before I ever heard of Glenn Beck. 

Four more years of Obama will leave us like Greece, begging for pennies from China.  If you don't know why that's a bad thing, you must be under 50.

So, today, I just happen to hear Robert Lee Morris speak with "blah-zay" exultation (it's possible, for him) of how the most important thing is to serve others - that part is true, if it's done with LOVE - and then he hints repeatedly that he is with those people and not with the awful "self-serving" "conservatives" (he even said conservatives would not like his designs because they are so fabulously full of joy and life, to paraphrase). 

He's happily congratulating himself, rotating for the camera close-up the overpriced ring he's hawking, and on the inside of it are his logo and "Thailand."  Okay.  I see what's wrong with this picture but Robert Lee Morris never will.  [Robert, do you know what would have happened to you if you'd been born gay in Thailand, much less Bora Bora?  Will you ever understand the amount of freedom that was bequeathed you by idealistic conservatives like George Washington, who got it from, let's see, who was that again... oh yes,  "Our Creator"?]  The first thing that popped into my mind was the movie, "The Beach", with Leonardo DiCaprio's character learning the hard way that pleasure and Liberal handouts cost so much more than one could ever imagine.

Of course, so does being a victim of psychopaths. 

[I won't be posting regarding the past three years of this psychopath, the details regarding him, that is, until it's finished and he's in a cage.  It's better that way.  He has a BRIGHT future.  The bars of his cage will be so shiny and bright.]


I wanted to write a bit about a few other things, but the election chart for the Romney announcement + Iran earthquake one-two-punch, was of more immediate astrological interest to me.

Oh!  Uh, not sure how to say this, but there might be a reason *I* can understand (besides another BO term) that the Mayans predicted the end of the world this Winter Solstice:  We might, in 4 short months, be in the midst of a sudden nuclear winter.  I know meteors usually burn up in the earth's atmosphere, but look at the *volume* of the Geminids Meteor Showers in comparison with the others.  Are the odds with us, or against us?  I don't really care, but I'm curious.

July 23, 2012:

I've been here.  It's just either been too hot to write, or other stuff, like getting ill from a triple vaccine, etc. (which is no surprise considering my profected year, unless I actually do make it to my next birthday without an iron lung).

But I didn't want to bypass July without wishing Happy Birthday to friends born in July.

June & July are the only good months because June gives the Summer Solstice, and July begins to take it away.  But for maybe 4 weeks, we get nice long days.  Then it's all downhill and, before you know it, it's too cold instead of too hot and one is completely miserable again. 

I did warn you there'd be mayhem & misery.  You've only yourselves to blame.  If you were better people, maybe this would be a better world.  And for the benefit of snoops and/or "mental health professionals", astrology was my only means of knowing it.  And if you were better at your jobs, there'd be an actual evil POS in custody (who isn't me, nor imagined).

June 12, 2012:

If you know and love a senior, who is housed in a facility for seniors (what used to be called "nursing homes"), KNOW:  YOUR LOVED ONE IS BEING FED ANTI-PSYCHOTICS.  Why?  Because it SHUTS HIR UP!  The staff don't have to run around answering requests for water, or help to the bathroom, or complaints about the sheets/diapers they subsequently wet.  And YOUR LOVED ONE WILL BE QUIET AND DOCILE when the staff member eventually goes to change the diaper and angrily SHOVES YOUR LOVED ONE FROM SIDE TO SIDE.  (After all, the jobs suck, and pay very little, and often attract sadistic types.)

The facility wants maximum profit.  They don't give a rats ass about your loved one.  It's been the case ever since there've been "facilities".  Think about that word.  "Facile" means easily done, more or less.  Or, good at something.  Unless you can afford a REALLY GOOD "facility", and even if you do, if your loved one has any form of dementia, s/he must be "controlled" which means being fed anti-psychotic drugs, drugs like "Abilify", only FAR WORSE.  FAR MORE POTENT. 

It's disgusting.  Sooner or later it will happen to all who grow too old to live independently without family to provide a loving home.  Don't you want to STOP IT NOW, BEFORE IT HAPPENS TO YOU?

Oh God, so much to write.  I'm not sure I can anymore.
June 8, 2012:

I guess The Crazy Eights kicked off today (t Uranus square t Pluto at 8 degrees and change, so it's more technically the crazy nines, which doesn't sound half as good).

So things are going to be officially weird for the rest of the year, some days (or weeks or months) weirder than others, of course. 

If you're a suicidal astrologer, it might help to do a horary chart before anything more drastic.  I just did and, aside from death covering the whole damned thing, it looked pretty optimistic - compared to how I'm feeling, anyway.  No immediate plans, now.  (Unless I reinterpret the chart, or get murdered anyway.) 

Do you ever watch TV and everything you see makes you want to cry?  For example, there's a commercial on several channels with a female announcer who has to smile during her entire speaking bit.  The problem is, most people's faces aren't anatomically capable of maintaining a smile during most of the words in the English language (or so I think I've seen, during my lifetime).  So, every time she hits a word which makes the smile kind of twist her chin, it gives the impression of a young person who has gotten this role, which she's probably so happy about, and she's doing her very best which, unless you're Doris Day you probably couldn't do much better, but every time she hits one of those chin-crumbling words, I see a little girl whose face is crumbling into pain, and sadness, and tears, and I can't bear to look at her.  Because there will be times in her life when she will be alone somewhere, consumed by all those awful things, with her face all crumbled up in desolation and horror at the entire hell of this world.

And I don't want that.  I don't want her to ever feel that way.  And I don't want to know she'll inevitably feel that way, as we all inevitably do.

May 20, 2012 [Edited]:

The Venus Rx will adversely affect spending, monetary values, women, things women buy, relationships, and civilization.  This continues for quite a while; it began with the pre-retrograde shadow, and will continue until the end of the post-retrograde shadow.  So it coincides nicely with today's Solar Eclipse in the first degree of Gemini, which will suck for business, communications, news, electrical grids, etc.  And we'll see the firmer start of "The Crazy Eights" as Uranus & Pluto begin to square, with every other Lord & Lady of the skies chiming in, here and there!


[Actually, not fun at all.]

I have no advice whatsoever.  If you have access to a cabin, and your closest neighbor is more than 100 miles away, I'd say perhaps it would be a good idea to buy out the inventory of a second hand book store, load up the truck, and stay there the rest of your life.  But who could possibly be that lucky?
One of the things that happens, when you watch too much true crime TV, is you begin to think just about everyone is involved in criminal activity.  That's not the bad part.  The bad part, according to a Google search I did, is that you are half right: Nearly half of all U.S. residents have a criminal record!

This will not improve, unless certain things drastically change.  Do we find it synchronistic that our expanding Universe is causing matter to become farther apart, while we here on earth interact more in the virtual world than the real one?  Astrologers should be able to see this.  Instead of spending time in the presence of real people, too many are "socializing" on virtual social networks.

In other words, very few of us relate at all. 

When I came into the world (this time around), almost every kid in school lived with both a mother and a father.  It was only a few short years later it all began to change.

Kids need to grow up in a home environment with their mother and father.  Even if the parents are abusive, removal from one or more parent is extremely traumatic for kids.

This is the recipe:

1)  The purpose of marriage is really only to have kids.

2)  If you will have kids, you must marry first.  Long engagements are a very good idea, as is premarital counseling.

3)  Forget romance.  If it's there, it will probably fade, but marry on the basis of *friendship*, because "Till Death do us part" might  
     be a very long time.

4)  Do you know the meaning of the word "vow"?  You had better.

5)  Do not divorce for the "sake of the children".  That's "moron-speak" for "I'm tired of you."  *Stay Married* for the sake of    
     the children.

6)  If you have no children, it is all right to divorce. 

There is a reason that Saturn rules marriage.  Please remember that.

If you plan to make a marriage proposal, the timing is poor the rest of the year.  So, gals, keep your legs closed, or use at least two forms of contraception if you're sexually active.  I'm not joking, and I am judging: the societal problems we're plagued by, *are* related to the breakdown of the nuclear family.  Kids need one parent of each natural gender, because they learn different things from each.  Divorced parents who date set their kids up for serious bonding confusion which stays with them lifelong.  This is a general rule, and there are exceptions.  But why would you take the chance?  

Look at me; I'd have married Panny (my intensely beloved childhood plush toy) if my mother hadn't thrown him in the trash behind my back.  In my entire life he was the only one who'd never have left me.  I sure wish I had him now.
May 6, 2012:

I've tried.  I really have.  And I managed quite a lot.  I learned a lot about myself.  I devoted my life to it, because I had to.

Unfortunately, no one else I know has.  They are sleepwalkers who don't understand love.  I used to be like that.  I understand love, but rarely get the chance to show it.

One of The Ten Commandments is to honor one's mother & father.  Does that hold true even when your mother & father destroy you?  Say, if your mother stands by while a village is about to burn you at the stake for no good reason, and natters on about the Greek restaurant she's about to go to, do you still have to honor your mother?

I'm guessing, considering that earth is one of the stages of hell, the sad answer is yes.

But this is why I ran away from my family as soon as I was able to.  And when I'd made good, and was doing well, things got peachy.  They spoke to me as if they loved me.  They respected me. 

But when things began to go downhill, the old saying is completely true: "Nobody knows you when you're down and out."

I remember: [immediate family aside, because they've been vipers more on than off]  I had just moved to New York.  I was living in a filthy SRO, with my beloved cat.  I barely had money to eat; I would go & buy hard boiled eggs from a bodega-diner for my cat & I to eat because they were less than a dollar each.  I received a wedding invitation from a cousin who married impossibly rich.  So there I was, in my disgusting room, trying to scrape up at least $10 USD per day, writing a card to say I could not attend, but I sent my very real love, and hopes for her happiness.  And of course I couldn't buy a gift.  Never heard from rich cousin again.. UNTIL, years later, I was doing moderately well, and because I was writing to my aunt, her mother, who was the only person in the whole zoo I actually liked, I was encouraged to visit the little rich bitch at an expensive hotel she & impossibly rich hubby were at, in town for a friend's wedding.  It was a bizarre visit, which I didn't enjoy.

Never heard from her since.  Spent more money than I could afford on a baby gift for her youngest.  Never a word, except from my aunt whom I love (who isn't blood, of course), thanking me. 

My psychotic mother (forgive me, God; the Moon is in Scorpio - and so is hers!), won't give me my aunt's phone or address.  My aunt is very ill, and I love her.  My uncle died last winter, so I sent condolences to the rich bitch daughter, and thankfully finally to my aunt, when my psychotic mother was coerced by a child she likes much better, AFTER I convinced psycho siblings to also send condolences!  [Psycho Mom's rationale was, "I don't want you to send anything if Psycho-A & Psycho-B aren't!"]  This was for my aunt's sake, whom I haven't been able to speak with in over 20 years.

Apparently they did receive my condolences, but nary a word from Mrs. Richer-Than-God. 

Normally I laugh at this crap, because that's all it really is.  But I'm getting very upset that no one, not mother, not siblings, not so-called friends, will HELP ME in this horrendous situation with the criminal who's been torturing me since October 2009.

Back (which is broken) killing me now.  I will post physical description of torturer asap.  Since many people know where I am.

When I heard about the victim of that POS that held women hostage in underground dungeon, how the cops didn't believe her, I felt hope.  That maybe, even if I die before they catch the POS torturing me in an unbelievable way, they will someday catch him.  If I had Mrs. Married-A-Billionaire's help, they could catch him in 5 minutes.  Or less.

April 18 (more fully), 2012:

To continue a few thoughts I started last night on here, I have learned things from those true crime shows which describe the type of dirtbag that's torturing me.  For example, he has a very manipulative personality type; he socializes very easily, and has some way of putting people at ease and off guard, and befriending them extremely quickly.  I know for a fact that in some (if not all) cases, he tells these "friends" things about me.  And because he tortures me, I scream quite a lot, which gives him further ammunition to fuel any mixture of truth and lies about me.

These are all very superficial types of friendships.  For example, he had no problem ditching everyone he hung out with in the last town, before he followed me here.  Probably he just shares a joint, or the preferred drug of the new "mark", and he's so talkative it makes it very easy for people to accept him.  As one of the smart detectives on one of the shows said about a similar type of criminal, "He has the personality of a snake."

One of the creepy things I feel (and it's impossible not to have creepy feelings anymore), is that the cops might actually think I'm some sort of threat, because he could so easily manipulate them, due to my reactions, which I can't control, and that disgusting psychiatric arrest when I tried to get police to help, two years ago.

Of course, then, I was accusing the wrong person, or at least, I was accusing the wrong tenant.  It was not the man whose apartment was adjacent to mine, as my upstairs neighbor said it was when I first moved there.  And the snake subsequently befriended those upstairs neighbors, who since developed a sort of paralytic fear of me!

Another thing I've learned, because I now know how he does most of his crimes, is that every "ghost" or "haunting" show on TV is completely FAKED, and I can tell you how.  I suspect the snake learned HOW to do these crimes, perhaps by helping to wire up a carnival "haunted house".

He still exhibits a lot of the characteristics of that Gemini chart which belonged to an older man.  But this snake is in his 20s, and I don't have biographical info, except for what I've since observed.  He has some electrician skills, and he has the sociopath's social skills.  It's doubtful he has any real ties to anyone, except for the victim.  He's OCD, maybe on a drug like meth, and a light sleeper.   I know him, since about a year ago, by sight and sound (and when I knew who it really was, I thought, HIM?!).  There must be a lot of fixity in the chart, and sadism (Mars-Saturn-Uranus?), and I'm thinking Scorpio/Gemini/Libra mix. 

So there's a lot I can't talk about, because I'm still in this situation, and never mind that he can read everything I write anywhere, but he has also figured out how to access my computer, probably via a Wifi connection.  I have to sit under a dark coat, covering keyboard & monitor, every time I have to type in a password, or even while I'm writing [sigh: because the bastard patched in tiny cameras & bugs EVERYWHERE in here, in the weeks before I was able to move in.  It can be proven to someone much more tech-savvy than a uniformed cop, which is probably the only response I'll get from another conventional complaint, and it costs at least $7500. USD to hire people who could PROVE, not only that the crap is patched in here, directly into the wiring behind the plaster and ceiling tiles, because RF/Lens detectors already do, but also, WHO PUT THEM IN!] - but he can't seem able to connect to my computer if I have my modem unplugged from the power source.

But I'll "get there" - the POS has a Saturn Return coming which will hopefully kick every square inch of his skinny ass into dust.  He has a terror of being caught, and engineers things - people - so that he won't be.  My guess is he did a stint in juvie which scared the shit out of him, and he does not want to go back, especially to an adult prison, especially considering his diminutive size.  But he will.  Eventually, he will.

I have learned a lot.  In fact, if he were ever released from a prison, he'd be more dangerous.  I wish to God he'd go, and die inside. 
Last night I saw the stupid documentary about the bogus WTC survivor; I had never heard of her before.  I dislike that personality type - it's very Libran & socially manipulative, and I've run into that type before.  Still, I understand why she did it, and I'll write about it, if I feel like doing anymore writing under a winter coat.  One who's seen my chart might think I could be like that, but no, I can't.  Axel Harvey was right: To paraphrase, he said that Jupiter, isolated by quadrant, or element, or maybe even modality, indicates poor socialization, and I've found that to be true in my chart, and in others - but my messed-up Jupiter rules my Sag Asc, among other things, and I have never been able to manipulate anyone.  I have pissed a lot of people off, but that seems to be my only real Libran/Sag talent.

April 18 (just barely), 2012:

It's that I'm sick to death of what I've been through & am going through. 

There's only one new technology I am vastly grateful for, and that's DNA evidence in criminal cases.  Not that they really use it all that often.  I watch those awful true crime shows (I started that maybe a year ago to try to gain insights from other cases that may be helpful with the little freak that's been tormenting me) and I can't believe how many serial killers there are.  I'd never even heard of most of them. 

And a lot of the cops on the shows are so stupid it's agonizing, but then you'll see one who knows exactly how certain criminal types operate, and I think, why, why, why, can't I speak to someone like that?  And the answer is: Because I'm still alive.  They only do anything once you're already dead.

Otherwise, if they'd stopped inventing, after TV, vinyl, cassettes, and the Walkman, I'd be perfectly happy, and the crimes being done by that FREAK would be impossible to do.

By the way, what do you get when you BUY a digitized song or book?  If your hard drive crashes, or your iPod breaks, or your CD back-ups go bad, it's gone.  And you have to put the damned thing on every one of those, to be 'safe'.  Oh, going to use an online backup service?  It's only as secure as your anti-virus (because you are probably backing up a trojan you don't even know you have), and your password.  And why on earth would ANYONE pay at least a dollar for ONE VIRTUAL SONG?  If it cost 5 cents, maybe I could see doing it, but for God's sake, why would you willingly be ripped off the way you are?

In my case, everything happens without my consent.  I'm sick to death of it.  I'm manipulated by people who were supposedly friends, or outright abandoned by them.  To quote someone else, "I wish you would have mentioned we were enemies when we were still friends."  If what I'm going through were happening to them, I would do everything I could to help.  I'm unusual that way.

Just know that God is everywhere.  With a ledger.  And indelible ink.
April 17, 2012:

Does it make sense to chip away at legal gun ownership when the most disgusting & heinous murders are done by stabbing & strangling?  Maybe we should get rid of knives, and thumbs, too.  Then we could all exist on liquid diets - of course, after personal ownership of motor-vehicles is also banned.  And wouldn't THAT just solve most of our energy problems in a gangland minute!

There's something deeply sick in our world.  I'm not sure whether things have really worsened, but they seem to have done, if only because the world population has probably quintupled since the days of the bubonic plague.

I know for certain that the world has gotten much sicker than the period in history when I was born into it, and I know why.  I won't say why, of course.  And the world was much sicker, for two decades, in the early 20th century, before I was born into it, and hopefully we all know why.

Let's not look too closely at anyone we call a hero. 

For example, Thomas Edison electrocuted countless cats and dogs, trying to win a bidding war for a newer and more humane method of capital punishment by electrocution.  He certainly, and horribly, with his rudimentary "experiments" managed to kill poor cats and dogs I'd take any day, over him, but just couldn't get it up (the power level, of course) to kill a human.  It was Westinghouse, who hired scientists that came up with AC/DC, who built the first working electric chair.  [As I understand it, the very first electrocution didn't go smoothly, but such is the cost of science.]

And I certainly wish they'd put a lot more criminals in it, as long as I don't have to watch.

Technology has not become "more awesome."  It's become a means not to serve us, but to observe us.  Once you find this out for yourself, you will not be pleased.

April 9, 2012:

The FDA issued a new regulation today, stating that only full head-to-toe, 1000 thread count, fabric coverings will be considered as "sunscreen."  In order not to discourage girls & young women from appearing beach-side in tiny bikinis, The NIH has ordered all girls & women to report to special camps, in order to lose enough weight so that specially made body-kini suits may be worn to the beach or pool, without adding any unsightly bulk to the female figure.

The beauty of the body-kini, one spokesperson said, is that it will come in every ethnicity, hair color, and bust & booty size, to appeal to any whim & preference.  All women who plan to spend any time lounging near water, or in any outdoor environment,  will be required to buy the body-kini from the Federal Government, or face a fine, and possible court sentence for non-compliance.

In other news, the NIH has banned swimming, because of the ever-present threat of drowning.  A few very silly & disgruntled people have said they will challenge the anti-swimming law in Appellate Court, even though the body-kini, which is made of silky layers of microfiber with silk-screened facial features, and light, synthetic hair in every color and style, which will make all women beautiful, has led to a 100% death-by-drowning rate, during product testing.  (No animals were harmed during product & prototype testing, only several thousand healthy women in their 60s and 70s.)


Mayor Bloomberg applauded the new regulations, stating, "[...] Public Safety must come first."

April 4, 2012:

You guys are fun.  Like an unsolved mystery.  :-)

The Crazy Eights will begin in June (well, by mid-degree in May, but who's in a hurry?).  t Uranus square t Pluto (fun!) will begin a cycle of probable horror for many of us (got anything at 8 degrees and change, or its antiscion?).  It will involve t Mars (watch out for that cliff!), then t Venus (divorce court?), then t Venus + t Mercury (child custody battles, and women speaking in tongues?), then t Mars ("oh my gosh, he's got a gun!"?), and t Mars + t Jupiter (you had a fling & got pregnant?), and the laffs kind of continue until that hugely freaky and completely scary Scorpio Solar Eclipse.  (And into the orful beyond.)

The news is not good for investors.  Big-looking bubble go BOOM.  Skullduggery in "progressive politics".  Probably no election 'tall.  We may as well beg the Canadian PM to annex us and rename us, "New Canada", or "Those Pests In The South", or "They Don't Speak French, You Know" (that one would be the name they'd call us in whispers, because they're so polite).

I have scads more to tell you, but my back is broken in 3 places, so I've been told, and I can't hunch over the keyboard any longer.

March 22, 2012:

Inflation is such a strange thing.  When I think back to when I was young, it was affordable to live.  I had a studio apartment in Chicago with rent at 150 USD per month, and I was earning $100./week, so it was very nearly only a quarter of my monthly income.  I'm told that same place, now, due to its groovy location and all, would cost @ $1,500./month.

When I moved to NY, I lived in places for under, or near, @ $400./month.  Now, fageddaboudit!  Those places cost well over $1500./month. 

I don't think these rental rates are entirely due to the laws of supply & demand, because people drop dead like flies every day, in both those cities. 

Don't you wish inflation would STOP?  If you do, you might want to vote Newt in November.  Assuming there will be an election.  I look at that Scorpio Solar Eclipse and I think, there won't be an election.

Did I mention this is a very bad time for all living things?  Pretty sure I did.

A few years back, when my numerological discovery was beginning (and if I do write about it, it will be a book, not an article), I noticed that the days seemed to shift to the next one over, after sundown.  Midnight is not a magic number on the clock, when it comes to the flavor of the days (unless that's when sundown happens to occur).  If I'm not mistaken, in William Lilly's time, they used to "begin" the new day around noon, but I could be wrong about that.  In any case, see if you can notice a shift in the feeling of the "day", after sundown.  If you do, you're experiencing very ancient wisdom. 

It's easiest to notice with your worst planet:  If you have a horrible Venus, then at the times your Venus, or t Venus, is afflicted, you might find yourself feeling inexplicably sad after sundown on Thursday nights, eating a gallon of chocolate chocolate-chip chocolate-fudge ice cream and a 12 pack of Twinkies.  [Friday is Venus Day.]  And so on.

If you don't notice anything like this, it's probably because I'm leaving out the rest of the information, which would, if I ever write it, appear in my book about numerology. 

Doncha wish I'd just write the damn book already?  Yeah, me too.

Well, until the psychopath is caught, my life is pretty much over.  So, if you're living in a sort of arctic tundra type of place, and feeling like total crap, be glad you at least don't have my very charming & humorous hell.  If someone is pissing you off, you could probably throw a chunk of ice at hir when no one's looking.

March 9, 2012:

I've had some really nice correspondents recently, since t Saturn has been conjunct n Jupiter.  If you were one of them, please understand that I'm still dealing with a psychopath-stalker.  Until he's behind bars, I'm naturally paranoid regarding doing readings for pay, unless I can figure out how you could pay me without having to reveal my location.

For what I've said about Radical Islam, alone, there should be a "Fatwa" on me, or whatever the hell they call it.

Paranoia is an unfortunate part of being the victim of a psycho-sadist. 

There were things I wanted to mention about the retrogrades, but I'll have to get to it later. 
March 1, 2012:

I guess I only wrote in my blog page in February...  This page is far too top-heavy, and must be edited.  At least I offloaded older months' material onto a different page, accessible via the link up top.

I was only betrayed five times in the past 8 days, so I guess it's been a good week - it sure doesn't feel like it.  The double whammies of Saturn-Sun in my natal & progressed are not helping.  Two little degrees.  What a difference they make.

So, now we're in the shadow of the approaching Mercury Rx, with Mars and Saturn both Rx.  We're in trouble!  Do NOT trust the numbers you're being fed by the news.  AND BUY GOLD.

China is busy buying gold.  Why?  Because they own most of our (USA) debt, and they know we're going to default.  BUY GOLD!

I'm not sure if Mercury Rx is the best time to do it - I'm pretty sure it isn't - so wait until direct motion, and buy from reputable dealers, and buy the kind you can carry in your pocket.  Silver, too.

There are many people I love.  And all the animals, and plants, and rocks and waters.  There are people all over the world, who might think I have forgotten them.  But I haven't.  And I love you very much.  Yes, I mean *you*, silly!   

January 31, 2012:

I'd thought to write this in my blog but since it contains astrological content, I decided to write it here.  Currently, I've had t Saturn conjunct natal Jupiter, Lord of my Ascendant, in my 10th House.  It has moved to sextile my natal Sun, in my 8th House.  For many years now, t Neptune has opposed my n Sun, bringing with it male scumbags into my life. 

But it wasn't until October of 2009 that I landed in the path of a monster.  What I've had to endure has been a hell dimension I could never have imagined (and it did creep up before October 2009, when t Pluto crossed my Ascendant, and then went on, DURING this falling into the monster's path, when t Pluto had moved to antiscion n Ascendant until only just recently.   t Pluto crossing the Ascendant will be different in circumstance for each of us, but it will bring hell to your doorstep, and it will defy your very being).

During the past several months, as t Saturn applied to conjunct n Jupiter, I was finding out a great deal having to do with my distant past which effected the entire course of my life.  It is amazing.  But of course, I was dreading the conjunction of t Saturn, because it could effect my life in so many horrible ways, I thought...

And the ONLY TIME Saturn was EVER positive in my life was during its transit through my first house, and I wished I were having THAT, instead...  And what's one of the things the first house rules?  The head - and sober thought, and SELF-DISCIPLINE.  It's been very hard having n Saturn in the 12th, and wreaking havoc, not being accessible to me for BOUNDARIES, and SELF-DISCIPLINE.  The ONLY GOOD YEAR I EVER HAD WAS WHEN t SATURN WAS IN MY FIRST HOUSE.

When the recent conjunction occurred, so much knowledge came to me via diverse sources, and finally part of a great mystery about myself was explained, so completely simply, as if I had been trying to think of a word, and someone spoke it.  But it also has been an absolutely horrific time, because of the monster, and I knew if I tried, AGAIN, to expose the monster, I risked everything - not only my "reputation", or freedom, via shrinkie power trips (because the police are STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE*1), but my life, at the hands, and desire-to-torture-and-kill, of the monster. 

[*1]  I am not expressing arrogance, only truth and frustration.  There is a requirement at many, if not all, police academies, that the IQ of recruits not exceed a basically average status.  Therefore, criminals - monsters - DO OUTSMART THE POLICE FOR DECADES!

I have prayed many times, during this recent period.  One day, I was idly watching some TV show, and a funeral was being portrayed, and as usual they used the 23rd Psalm.  I wondered WHY they do, because it's not a psalm for death, but for the battle of one's life.

I've never studied the Bible, and I only know bits and pieces of it (and disagree with too much regarding the Other Side), but I love the 23rd Psalm.  And it struck me a short time later - I had been praying for the truth to lead me to right action.  The 23rd Psalm is meant for anyone facing the fight of hir life. 

The psalm speaks of several things which goodness ("God", as most people think of God, but I do not) provides in a time of extreme danger and struggle. 

"The Lord is my shepherd, I will not want." --  Goodness, and everything clean and right, leads me, and provides every tool I need in my battle.

"He maketh me to lie down in green pastures":  Goodness, and everything clean and right, instructs me to rest and gain strength for my battle, and to form my strategies in a calm and measured way.

"He leadeth me beside the still waters."  Again, to be in a calm, meditative state, and Scorpio, in part - the depths within from which we draw strength and conviction.

"He restoreth my soul."   A reminder this is *not* a struggle for vengeance, but for justice, within the laws of goodness/"God".

"He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness, for his Name' Sake."  Again, this is a struggle to serve all that is right, and good.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: For Thou art with me."  Self-explanatory.  :-)

"Thy rod" - SELF-DISCIPLNE!  Not "Divine Punishment"!

"and Thy staff" - That which goodness provides to lean on, to keep going, when the struggle is all an 'uphill battle' over very bad terrain.

"They comfort me."  - They sure do.

"Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies" - I have been set to suffer, by my enemy, yet goodness sustains me.

"Thou anointest my head with oil;"  I have been *marked* to do this thing; it is my life's greatest job, to fight this battle!  It's what I'm here for!

"My cup runneth over" - I could not ask for more - I know who I am, and I know what I am meant to do.

"Surely goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life" - Because I am doing what I am meant to do, in the grand scheme of this strange bowl of Cosmic Soup.  I may not feel any mercy, but I understand things would be even worse if it were missing.

"And I will dwell in the House of the Lord Forever."  That would be the 9th House of blessed relief, astrologically, following the intense battles of the 8th House!  Even if I'm ultimately killed in battle - I will be surrounded with goodness and love.

There is no greater, and moving, prayer, for anyone trying to fight a monster, than this.  This is possibly one of the most beautiful, and loving, things, told to us by the great ancient hearts so many millennia ago.

So, as I was one day fervently praying, and then at some point hearing the psalm from the lips of a TV actor, it STRUCK ME, I had been praying for a SIGN, I had been praying for guidance - am I *really* meant to struggle with this monster so that at least its crimes might be on record for subsequent victims? 

And guess what, t Saturn was conjunct my n Jupiter - Lord of Ascendant, and of my little wooden head!  YES!  "Thou anointest my head!"  YOU/"God"/Cosmic Imperative, put ME in THIS nightmare for a REASON, and it was EXACTLY to get the monster SOMEHOW arrested, AT LAST (RIP, Etta James!).

How's that for when astrology just opens your eyes?

That's not the only thing that can open your eyes.  I realized today that I've always been a sacrifice for someone else, to serve their agenda.  Always.  And I've helped.  I've given away everything - my talent in everything, all my life, I just gave away for free, or for nearly nothing.  I've left myself so without value, that it wouldn't be inconsistent with the psalm, and this battle, if I quit the world, because I'm nothing but a sacrificial lamb.  NOT a "Messiah Complex", just understanding how I've been used, and understanding some of what I've done with my life which, thank goodness, furthered the cause of love, and goodness or decency. 

It wouldn't be untrue to say my battle is over, and now I can go - because the WORLD has sacrificed me.  And don't think for a minute I'm not ready to go.  Oh, I'd love to stick around if I could actually win this war and have a normal, peaceful life, BUT I NEVER WILL.  I WILL NEVER WIN, BECAUSE THE MONSTER IS SMARTER THAN THE POLICE!  THE MONSTER HAS MORE GOING FOR IT THAN I DO!

And the world has sacrificed me to the monster.  And my doctor is withholding my pain med, even though I'm out of it, and had to go to the ER Saturday to get 12 tabs, to last until Monday, January 30th, and the doctor WOULD NOT FILL MY RX UNTIL SHE SEES ME ON WEDNESDAY! 

Bye.  Nothing REALLY drives home the message that it's time to go than fighting a sick sadist and being without pain meds - and if you knew how my body felt, and if you were lucky, you'd have put a bullet through your head yesterday.  I'm not lucky, but I CAN STILL GO.

I have a book to write - not about my religion - a book of discoveries no one else has ever had.  If I have one regret, it's that the book will never be written if I go.  And I really, really think I have to go. 

January 25, 2012:

The Mars retrograde will be awful for cars (and anything with motors, and anything living).

Well, I looked in the effie and saw a big, foreboding Scorpio Solar Eclipse in November 2012!  Oh, what timing!

See, when BO withdrew all our troops from elsewhere to bring them home, it struck me how convenient that will be for him, after he manufactures a crisis, and declares Martial Law!  And I sense it will happen within just a few months, or weeks, or days, of that poisonous Solar Eclipse in Scorpio (combust Moon = powerless people, and the via combusta means TROUBLE!)...

I said it.  Let's see him & his gang of Anti-American Scum NOT make it happen. 

January 1, 2012:

HELLO, and Happy New Year, you beautiful, amazing, *interesting*, and totally freaking bugnuts WORLD!  :-)

I was watching Armageddon Week on the H2 (2nd History Channel), and it was so wonderfully done!  One program, narrated by people close to my heart, the truest misanthropes I've ever heard, was called, "The World After People", and it was filled with information about how soon and in what ways the entire modern world, dominated by humans, would completely and utterly disappear.  And they told the ways in which nature would gradually expand into the many places finally emptied of us.  They spoke of domestic house cats adapting to a life above ground, in trees, perhaps developing wings, like flying squirrels.  It was such a beautifully calming show that I fell asleep before finding out whether the Pyramids would also eventually disappear...  so wonderfully relaxing.  Like a gentle mind-massage.  (With my earphones on full-blast:  You understand that, if you know my still-ongoing ordeal.  But see what I say in closing today.)

There were countless programs about Nostradamus, the Mayan Calendar (and the thousands of Mayan books BURNED by the Spanish Conquistadors, damn it!), Biblical prophecies, natural catastrophes, extreme changes to earth from unusually intense solar flares and radiation - you name it, they had it.

Apparently there was another earthquake in Japan on Friday or Saturday, this time in Tokyo?  My heart really goes out to the people of Japan.  [My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering and isn't a psychopath.  My heart goes out to my favorite makeup brand who is suddenly making their product in CANADA???  HEY!  It used to be made here.  Only weeks ago.  But NOTHING IS MADE HERE ANYMORE, AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM!]

If you want this country to at least die standing up, sort of like the great republic it once was (instead of lying down, like the millions murdered in the USSR & China in the 20th Century), you will really want to start following politics, and its players (which includes YOU if you are a US citizen!), and begin to understand the problems and the true American ways to solve them.

Believe me, if I could learn all that, when *I still have no grasp of how ANY team sport is played*, you can do it, too.  :-)

There are probably two dozen things I want to write about, and they're all just jamming up the "bottle neck" because of the sheer number of them.  But it might be more helpful, first, to finally move older content into the Appear-a-thons.  I've been dreading it since... September?  July?  Blah.

But I'll tell you a secret:  No matter how incredibly horrible your life might be at this moment, there will come a time when you will, figuratively speaking, be doubled over in laughter about ALL OF IT!  Because you will finally have faced and come to understand Divine Justice!  You will be with others you adore, but had forgotten all about them, while here on this amazing planet, as well as everyone you've loved whilst upon *this* adventure.  You will laugh, with appreciation, joy, good humor, love, and thankfulness -- with all your wonderful, brilliant, hilarious, happy and fit friends! 

Think about that!  And let yourself laugh right now!  Isn't it completely insane, all this mess we each get in, our own living nightmares?  It is!  And that's something you *should* laugh about!  I do!   :-D   Sometimes it also helps to look at yourself in a mirror and say the word, "clock-radio"!  Or "Glockenspiel"!   Laugh!   Hold this sacred knowledge in your heart.  You are so loved. 



                                                                    I wish you peace, good fortune, and, of course, good health.        
















All Rights Reserved; Gail Sandra Klein

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