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Someone posted a good summation of that meta-thread on the dream theater list: Oh yeah: I think Metallica blah, because ah blah blah de blah blah progressive blah. Blah de blah blah post Black Album, de blah de blah de blah! Blah blah blah triple platinum, blah blah blah John Tesh. De blah. Blah diddy, blah videos diddy, blah Scooby Snacks diddy blah blah. Diddy bowm biggy bowm wiggidy diggidy blah. Doobity bo, bop, be, bop, blah, bop diddy bop ditty, shaved hair. Cuckoo! boing Cuckoo! boing Wahhhh! sob Wahhhhh! sob "Ice cream, get yer ice dream!"

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