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Jens Johansson, the Web Ring!

A web ring with only one page.

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Hey Jens, can you put up a link to my page?

..it's about homeless cats and they're really cute and homeless and stuff.

YES!!! I'd LOVE to. PLEASE email me if you want me to put up a link to your page. But please note, in the more than three years I've had this page up, I haven't managed to honor even one link request. So I'm either pathetically lazy or a total asshole. Possibly both!! The average time between content updates has been something like two years!! So sue me! Or rather than suing me, go directly to the graffiti page and add the link yourself — it accepts HTML submissions, within reason that is, and href links are definitely within reason. DIY!

Click here for a list of "things that look like links" on the graffiti page.

"Is it OK for me to link to these pages?"

Sure, of course, if you want. Weird question! That's what the web is all about. If you do, it would be great if you used this address: http://www.panix.com/~jens/ (I still get hits from links that people made to the ancient "anansi.panix.com" address — it works still, but Godess knows for how long.)

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