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About Music

How does one go about creating music?

Well, needless to say, this section is under construction as well!! But I'll type something offensive here, briefly, for you to laugh at. (I'm sure I'll tone this down later, so enjoy it while it's still rude.)

What I fucking hate

There are lots of keyboardists out there, playing lots of nice stuff. But when it comes to improvising, they mostly suck. * Most of them seem to have a total disregard for the things and aspects of improvization that I find important! And because I'm the center of the universe, not to mention this web page, I take this as a personal affront! So without much more ado, herewith a list of what I'm sick of! (Note — not of much interest unless you're a rock keyboard player and actually play keyboard solos. Pretty narrow audience here. Sadly enough.)

Things that should be outlawed

When playing a keyboard lead. In my fucking opinion. Sorry!


Oh, still here? I've gotten so much positive feedback in regards to the above that I can't bring myself to edit it away now!!

Anyway, if that insane diatribe didn't scare you away, you can look at a more general discussion about life as a musician, and at a file with specific advice.

UPDATE: Well, sadly, I did get some negative feedback recently (typing this Thu Jul 08 18:56:18 1999). Not one, but TWO letters via email proffering opinions as to the merits of the above information. I know this is hard to believe, but look here! The names of the perps are x'ed out to protect the guilty.

I'm not allowed to express an opinion anymore without getting inane email!? I'm supposed to give up all my hard-fought research (ahem) into what I like and don't like? I'm supposed to stop ramming my hate-speech down your throats? I don't think so!! Anyway, if I get any more ludicrous complaints, and have the time to reply, I'll add them as well..

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