August 26, 1998

Mitchell Banks, the distributor I sent a tape to last month, finally left a message for me yesterday, and I was so certain that he would have a bad reaction to the film that I forgot to call him back until today.  "I'm not supposed to call you--you're supposed to call me!  You're supposed to follow up when you send a tape!"  I'm starting to like this guy.  And, lo and behold, he said he liked HONEYMOON--"very subtle," he said.  He didn't sound wild-eyed about the film, and he doesn't think it has domestic possibilities because of the absence of stars, but he actually wants to talk to me about the possibility of him doing something with it, presumably overseas.  He's not in a hurry, though--says he'll catch up with me at the film market.  It's probably a little too early for me to put a down payment on that condo, but I'm genuinely surprised and pleased that a distributor could find HONEYMOON worth considering.

My friend Jessica had scheduling conflicts that delayed her working on my postcard, but she had a draft ready to show me today, and it looks great.  I never found an older film atlas with the exact look I wanted, but the maps in my Norton Star Atlas (the design of which dates from 1920) made a very striking background once Jessica reversed the image to white-on-black.  Tomorrow morning I'll take her art to the printer, and seven days and $350 later I'll have 5000 of these suckers, more than a lifetime supply, I'm sure.  That will put me past the date when I hoped to get a mailing out to the film market attendees, but if I move quickly I should be able to have the cards in people's mailboxes a week before the screening.

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