February 28, 1999

The April issue of Gallery magazine is out, containing the article on independent filmmaking that I was interviewed for a few months back.  I wasn't featured prominently, but they ran two of my quotes (rephrased in a style not my own, but with the meaning intact) and printed a picture of me, Dave Park, and Frank Stubblefield on the set.  I'll be surprised if the article has any effect on the life of the film, but my parents can put it in their scrapbook.

The people from the Buenos Aires film festival are not answering any of my FAXs, letters and E-mails, for some reason.  I sent them a package of materials a few weeks back, though I have a lot of questions about what else I need to do--I don't even know the dates of the festival for sure.  I'll feel somewhat uncomfortable sending my only print off to Argentina if they don't start talking to me soon.

The Los Angeles Independent Film Festival was supposed to have notified all accepted filmmakers by the beginning of March.  So it looks as if I didn't make it.  I'm disappointed--if I can't get into a festival whose head programmer is so enthusiastic about the film, there must be some important factors working against me.

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