July 16, 1998

I got all excited yesterday because there was a message on my machine from the Independent Feature Project/West, whose New Visions film series I'd applied to recently.  No one I'd sent the film to had ever called before, and I had high hopes of an acceptance.  But, when I finally got in touch with the IFP/West guy  today, it turned out that he was merely calling to turn me down in person....  Still, it was a slightly encouraging development.  The fellow I talked to, Josh Welch, said that he liked the film, and I found out there were 100 applicants for the screening I missed out on; I doubt he was calling every one of them back.  He also said that a representative from the IFP/West would check out HONEYMOON at the film market, so maybe he has something in mind for the film, like a future New Visions screening.

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