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This software is mostly of historical interest since it requires a 68k Mac running System 7 or and Apple II. Emulators are available if you want to try out the software see here for Mac emulators and here for Apple II emulators

System Enhancer v. 1.3.3
Copyright 1993-2013


System Enhancer is a powerful way to customize your system. In addition to installing larger color patterns (on Mac with Color QuickDraw) it can add colorful alert icons and much much more. This copy comes with lots of files of ready to install resources and an online help file. There is also an application for creating your own installable resources, and an FKey screen saver that takes less than 1/2 K.

I released System Enhancer back in 1993 through high school friends who uploaded it to AOL, and it spread from there to various BBS and MUG sites, including AMUG which put it on their CDROM collection. Twelve people bothered register System Enhancer, netting me sixty dollars; five of which my brother Ben was smart enough to make me frame. I've left the original readme intact in the archive so you can get a flavor of how software was distributed twenty years ago.




Coming soon, some of my early Apple II BASIC games.

Last updated 08/23/13