Fudge Character: Aramis

Copyright 1995, 1997 by Steffan O'Sullivan
Based on the character by Alexandre Dumas
This page last updated July 14, 1995

Character Name: Aramis
Genre: Three Musketeers
Date Created: December 17, 1995
Unspent EP:
Fudge Points: 2

Character Story & Personality:
Aramis is torn between two worlds.  On the one hand, he loves
beautiful women, fine wine, dueling, adventuring, etc.  On the
other, he wants to be a priest, and longs to enter the world of
power behind the scenes.  He has a noble mistress, is active in
political intrigue, but lies about this - even though he doesn't
lie well.


Wit             Great
Charm           Great
Will             Good
Agility          Good
Strength         Fair
Fitness          Good

Patron: Captain of the Musketeers
Status: Gentleman
Secret Contacts

Sense of Duty to your Companions
Gentleman's Code of Honor
Duty to King
Lecherous, but aspires to the clergy, so tries to hide it.
Compulsive conspirator
Poor liar about his vices (but can act well in his conspiracies)

  Acrobatics        Good
  Carousing         Good
  Climbing          Good
  Demolitions       Good
  Diplomacy         Good
  Disguise          Good
  Fencing          Great
  First Aid         Good
  Geography        Great
  Latin            Great
  Merchant          Good
  Move Quietly     Great
  Musket            Fair
  Pistol           Great
  Poetry           Great
  Pretending to be someone else     Good
  Riding           Great
  Shadowing        Great
  Streetwise        Fair
  Theology        Superb
  Writing           Good

Pistol (DmgPot mid)
Musket (DmgPot max+min)

Cloak, Change of

Belt Pouch
Pistol Ammo: 20 rounds
Musket Ammo: 20 rounds

First Aid Kit

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