Matthew Saroff's Home Page

This is still a work in progress. More as it comes.

Here is bad hair on the web

Here is a copy of my resume.

I also put out a personal newsletter called 40 Years in the Desert.  It's a collection of rants and raves juxtaposed with copyright infringement.

This is the flat out funniest thing that I've ever read in my life.  The writer of it has gone to ground.  If anyone has contact information for him, I'd like to get in touch.

This is the funniest item for sale that I've ever seen on eBay.  I've saved it for posterity.

I also manage a mailing list dealing with moving an SCA Event called the Pennsic War.  It's been at the same place for years, and I'm trying to find an alternative location.  Mailing list information can be found here.

And here is the inevitable list of MP3s.

Here is my take on the lying cheating rat-bastard Republicans who have stolen the election through vote fraud in Florida.  I also have a T-shirt about this (how lame).

Finally, here is the Jack Chick Parody Page, a collection of parodies of Jack Chick's bizarre hate filled religious pamphlets.

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