In this sketch, we have observed, as far as possible, the chronological order of establishment, both of the several denominations and churches in the town and city of Brooklyn. While acknowledging our indebtedness to many of the clergymen of the city for valuable information conferred concerning their respective churches, we have still to regret that the indifference, and oftener the dilatoriness of some has prevented our making it as perfect a record of Brooklyn's ecclesiastical history, as the importance of the subject demands.

1. Early Church history 1628-1664.
2. Early Church history 1664-1803.
3. Baptist Church history.
4. Catholic Churches and Institutions.
5. Congregational Churhces.
6. Dutch Reformed Churches.
7. Episcopal Churches.
8. Jewish Synagogues.
9. Lutheran Churches.
10. Methodist Churches.
11. Presbyterian Churches.
12. Unitarian Churches
13. Universalist Churches
14. Miscellaneous.

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