Zelig, 1983


Many thanks to the A.V. Club (and film editor A.A. Dowd in particular) for welcoming me back to Croisette coverage after I defected to The Dissolve for a couple of years. You can find my daily dose of deflation here starting Thursday.

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My main gig these days, even though I’m nowhere near Vegas. It’s a new world out there. Latest reviews: The BFG

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The Dissolve is no more, alas, but all the work I'm proud to have done for the site remains.

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We got reviews. We got a crazily detailed grid-list. We got a running top ten that omits your favorites. (reinstated: Everybody Wants Some!!) Come on down!

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Snarkier drive-by comments now get filed on Letterboxd. There's also the basic list of every damn film I’ve seen this year. added: Zelig (second viewing; last seen 20+ years ago)

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