Mother and Son, 1997

The A.V. Club

My last remaining regular gig. Soon I will likely be a professional poker player, but for now you can still find me contributing film reviews and the occasional feature. I also, for nearly eight years, penned Scenic Routes, a biweekly column about film scenes of note. Latest review: Juliet, Naked

Other Miscellaneous Writing

The Dissolve is no more, alas, but all the work I'm proud to have done for the site remains. And Las Vegas Weekly pretty much stopped running reviews altogether, but my stint for them ran from Munich to Phantom Thread.

2018 in Movies

We got reviews. We got a crazily detailed grid-list. We got a running top ten that omits your favorites. (added: Support the Girls) Come on down!

Viewing Journal

Snarkier drive-by comments now get filed on Letterboxd. There's also the basic list of every damn film I’ve seen this year. added: Pygmalion (second viewing; last seen 6 Oct 94); I Bury the Living

Elsewhere Online

Increasingly rare random musings and seasonal Skandies updates over at Listen Eggroll. If you're curious about what TV I watch, that information is now available. And I’m on the Twitter like the everybody else.