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Fortune cookies

Fortune cookies

Rather than you loading the server by requesting the index page over and over just so you by chance can see different random quotes, here's a page where you can see three at a time..

What color is a chameleon on a mirror?

What garlic is to food, insanity is to art.

(From the operation manual for the CI-300 Dot Matrix Line Printer, made in Japan):

The excellent output machine of MODEL CI-300 as extraordinary DOT MATRIX LINE PRINTER, built in two MICRO-PROCESSORs as well as EAROM, is featured by permitting wonderful co-existence such as; "high quality against low cost", "diversified functions with compact design", "flexibility in accessibleness and durability of approx. 2000,000,00 Dot/Head", "being sophisticated in mechanism but possibly agile operating under noises being extremely suppressed" etc.

And as a matter of course, the final goal is just simply to help achieve "super shuttle diplomacy" between cool data, perhaps earned by HOST COMPUTER, and warm heart of human being.

By the way, many of the quotes are from the unix fortune file (heavily culled to only include my absolute favorites). Some are from Usenet, some are from email, and other are simply from the real world.

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