Fly Fishing for Moriches Bay Striped Bass
Saltwater Flies

Current Moon
This section includes flies for most every species of marine animal striped bass eat in Moriches Bay. Along with an image of the fly there is an underwater photo of the natural found in the bay. This section is not meant to be a compendium of flies but examples of what works. Furthermore, tying instructions and history of the fly are included. There is also information addressing when and where the naturals appear in the estuary.

Fin Fish

Squid Crustaceans Worms

Though not all of the flies are my designs they are all my ties. I am most interested in flies that portray the illusion of life and not realism. If a pattern doesn't ooze fishiness, then I am not interested in it. I want a fly that is affected by every nuance of current and I think that is the essence that attracts stripers. I also tie my flies sparsely. I think a sparsely tied flies mix with the water and blends in with the environment. For example, when there is so little material and flash a predator's curiosity is peeked. There are, too, times when I think a fuller and simpler fly gets the job done. However, the more one fishes the more one encounters striper oddities and being prepared with flies that offer less than more seem to get the job done.