Newtown Square Branch Trail: Pembroke Avenue crossing

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The trackbed continues on north to Pembroke Avenue. The crossing at Pembroke Ave. is at-grade, so the earthwork slopes gradually down to street level.

Google Satellite Map

Looking north across Pembroke Avenue. The location of the right-of-way is obvious from the power lines, but there are many minor encroachments on the right-of-way by neighbors.

Pembroke Avenue is busy, but not nearly as busy as Baltimore Avenue. I'd be comfortable with a good at-grade crossing, with signs and painted zebra-stripes across the road.

Looking back south across Pembroke Avenue. There are gates across the right-of-way, and a No Trespassing sign posted by the boro of East Lansdowne. There's nothing inside the gated area except some heaps of shredded wood chips.

Continuing north. Some vehicles are parked right in the middle of the right-of-way. I think there's probably enough space here for a multiuse trail to the right and parking spaces to the left.

Encroachments on the right-of-way. A fenced dog pen; a covered shelter; parking places.

Further north. A playground is visible to the left, immediately next to the trail.

There are many places along the trail where playgrounds, parks, and other trails are placed right next to the right-of-way. The multiuse trail would join together a great many existing open spaces. The placement of the existing resources relative to the right-of-way is remarkably fortuitous.

Another view of the playground from the right-of-way.

A little further north. The neighbors do a really nice job of keeping this section mowed.

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