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[ honest truth - real live text files i wrote ]
ineffective recruiting defined:
a true story:  my own scholarship hell

fun with management:
a true story: corporate email hell

fun with school:
a true story: college is hell

fun with appliances:
a true story: buying used is hell

fun with psych contracts:
a true story: promotions are hell

fun with drugs:
a true story: neighbors are hell

fun with doctors:
a true story: hmo's are hell

fun with religion:
a true story: i am going to hell for my thoughts on nauvoo

fun with spring break in colorado and new mexico:
a true story: winter snow, and statewide power outages are hell

fun with job offers and miracles:
nothing about this true story is hell

fun with a new job and a new state:
nothing about my job is hell.  give it time.  --  update.  the story was lost.  thank you script kiddie, wherever you are.

its still all good:
whats up with this?  nothing to complain about??

the rant i wrote in the airport - 1 month after Sept 11:
why i think airport security is still a joke.

a creepy y2k story I wrote:
nothing happened

[ this web site was barely mentioned in the press ]
( kinda sad commentary on my life that i even mention it )

the new times article that i replied to:
trashman feb 24, 2000

the new times article that had my poorly written response and url:
trashman mar 9, 2000

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