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  • My NJ Transit Page. This contains my information on NJ Transit, mass transit issues in New Jersey as well as arguments against park and ride lots.

  • An interview with Richard DuHaime, then Chair of the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, now Republican candidate in NJ for the US Senate.

  • Daniel Convissor is quoted in "Planned High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes are Criticized by Environmentalists." By Guy Baehr. The Star-Ledger, 19 September 1993.

  • Marion Junction has been modified to allow direct access between Kearny and Croxton.

  • North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

  • Pedestrian Injuries in New Jersey

  • Proposed Ringwood Bypass Highway

  • Removing tolls from roads can only be done if we also remove tolls from transit. "Debating Merits of Tolls on Roads." By Daniel Convissor. Letter to the Editor of The Star-Ledger published on 29 April 1992.

  • New Jersey's Home Page


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