I'm still learning as an artist, but I'm putting stuff here for you to see, and most especially comment on. Tips and constructive criticism are welcome, though if you have an encouraging word to say, I'd love to hear that too. 8:)

Contact me and let me know what you think.

Other images are available:

Click on an image to download a full size version.

Download beststjp.gif Bigears, spinning Toast!

Download honeybjp.gif Honeybadger, the wonderfull hostess, with some flowers from a secret admirer.

Download sam1jp.gif Samwise, the kawaii samurai.

Download vix0jp.gif Just a generic vixen. Still trying to get my anatomy down. 'In the fur'.

Download musejp.gif This is my personal muse. I don't even know her name. I was trying for a nerdy, but not unattractive appearance. Despite the flaws, its still one of my favorites.

Pencil sketches.

Download tstsamjp.gif Toast and Samwise, about to face the tree weasel hordes.

Download yiffjp.gif Yiff, my alternate character on FurryMUCK. A cute nonanthro foxy.

Download yerfjp.gif Yerf, a cute nonanthro vixen.

If you are on FurryMUCK, just leave me page #mail. (I'm Toast) Of course you can always just email me at: jpeterso@panix.com

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