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I'm still learning as an artist, but I'm putting stuff here for you to see, and most especially comment on. Tips and constructive criticism are welcome, though if you have an encouraging word to say, I'd love to hear that too. 8:)

Contact me and let me know what you think.

Well, now that I've been working fulltime, I haven't been drawing, but I was inspired this week. I hope I'll be able to make this a habit. Let this be a lesson to all aspiring artists: Keep Practicing!

I'm hosting a page for Johnny Blanco! He's another new artist, so please check it out!

Older images are available:

Download onya1jp.jpg Here's a quick sketch of my Albedo character, Onya.

Download onya2jp.jpg Onya likes to dance.

Download toast99.gif A self portrait!

Download hbbe2jp.jpg A rough pencil sketch...the idea started as a pose that turned horribly wrong...I hope I can clean this up eventually, but it seemed too cute not to share.

Download ytayajp.gif The slinkiest mink on the MUCK: Ytaya!

Download fuzzybjp.gif Here's a sketch I did in Fuzzybear's sketchbook at AAC! Thanks for the scan, Fuzzybear!

Download wndsknjp.gif It's about time I drew a skunk! Drew this one at Worldcon. Just a rough sketch, but maybe I'll fix it up someday.

Download gunvixjp.gif Been real busy with two jobs. Wish I had more time to draw, and practice. Obviously, I still need lots of practice. *lesigh*

Download cvix1jp.gif My first attempt at pencil coloring...Obviously I still need a lot of practice.

Download timejp.gif Somewhere in time...a young mouse discovers a discontinuity that threatens the fabric of spacetime.

Download hbhbjp.gif Happy Birthday, HoneyBadger! Love from all of us at the burrow!!!
Raster, HoneyBadger, Bigears, Angel_Bear, Austin_Dern,
Royce, Toast, Samwise, Airhead, and JackRabbit
(All (C) their players, of course!)

Download sadvixjp.gif A very experimental piece. I'd really love to hear comments on this one.

Download gwendljp.gif Gwendel!

Download vix4jp.gif Another practice vixen! 8=) This pose was taken from a Victoria's Secret catalog.

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