I'm still learning as an artist, but I'm putting stuff here for you to see, and most especially comment on. Tips and constructive criticism are welcome, though if you have an encouraging word to say, I'd love to hear that too. 8:)

Contact me and let me know what you think.

Other images are available:

Click on an image to download a full size version.

Download aawdjp.gif Sully, MelSkunk, Gene Catlow, and Amara! I finally got to meet them at AAC!

Download airhedjp.gif Airhead the hamster! Thanks for letting me borrow your scanner! *HUGS!*

Download chaosbjp.gif A pic I did at AAC for Jackrabbit! Toast as a ChaosBunny! Thank you for scanning this, Jack! 8=)

Download erisjp.gif Lactria, the Mice Cream Goddess, in her Discordian aspect of Eris. She's holding the legendary golden apple, and a snowglobe.

Download mintstjp.gif Sully's pal Minkle, and Toast! Minkle (c) S Arsenault.

Download toast2jp.gif Quick sketch of Toast, holding something.

If you are on FurryMUCK, just leave me page #mail. (I'm Toast) Of course you can always just email me at: jpeterso@panix.com

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