I'm still learning as an artist, but I'm putting stuff here for you to see, and most especially comment on. Tips and constructive criticism are welcome, though if you have an encouraging word to say, I'd love to hear that too. 8:)

Contact me and let me know what you think.

Other images are available:

Click on an image to download a full size version.

Download bubbyjp.gif Bubbycat, hugging a HoneyBadger plushie. (Now where can I get one of those?)

Download drcoonjp.gif By request: A female racoon doctor.

Download bvixjp.gif Another practice vixen! But wait! This one is wearing clothes! And hopefully she's a little more interesting than my usual.

Download milliejp.gif Mililani! @Whee!

Download tsamjp.gif Samwise and Toast have been married over a year now! Here's a picture I made for our anniversary!

Download vix3jp.gif Another practice vixen. Probably the last one. Now I have to work on drawing clothes. 8;)

Download cat2jp.gif Monday Morning. This cat is not a morning person.

Download sadcatjp.gif Another less than cheerful catmorph.

Download vixmagjp.gif A vixen mage. I have got to find an easy way of fixing these scans.

Download vix2jp.gif Another of those vixens I draw for practice. I like how this one turned out. [In The Fur, in case anyone is easily offended. This is about the closest I get to real spooge.]

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