I love the Muppets - Beaker's Ode to Joy

I've decided we need a new candidate.

Anyone using Loopt

Loopt is a social networking site based on your location. You put in updates (like Facebook Status, or Twitter) and your location. It puts you on a map that only your friends can see. It also updates your Twitter and Facebook feeds, if you want.

I don't want to send out a blanket invite to everyone. That's annoying. So, if any of my friends are on
Loopt, let me know.

Bryant Park is a swamp...

They might show the movie tonight to people sitting in chairs along the side, but our group won't be there.

Seems like it rains every Monday, doesn't it?

See you next week.

Cruising to Music

My cousin, Steve, asked me to forward this to my friends. His company is organizing a music cruise. Here's the skinny...

It is a February 2009 Caribbean Cruise with concerts, autograph/photo and Q&A sessions with Blood Sweat and Tears, Gary Lewis and the Playboys, The Return(a Beatles Tribute band), etc.

The price for the week long cruise is just $699 and the details can be found at

To make things sweeter, if someone books, and they mention the BSTDEAL, they will get to have a VIP cocktail party with all the bands, plus some commemorative items.

Surprise musical.

This is really funny to me. I love those Improv Everywhere folks.

Added photo page for china pics.

I have put the flickr pictures of the China trip into the photo section here.