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    • External reference items
      • Area Codes, sorted by Area Code. Unofficial, but well maintained
      • Area Codes, from Verizon, with a dialog box.
      • Periodic Table
      • Current time, US East coast
      • US time zones
      • Finding zip codes is not straightforward. Only towns & cities have them. Don't use a neighborhood name or a park name by mistake. Here is a good place to find zip codes.
    • Log on to Autodesk as a student.
    • CPCUG Office SIG.
    • CPCUG Robotics SIG.
    • The Unix "cut" utility is useful. The delimiter( -d" ") is frequently a single space.
      Some inputs, such as an ls -l result, have a varying number of spaces separating
      fields. Converting all occurrences of consecutive spaces to one space is a
      convenient solution, using program 1sp.c.
    • Downloading files from Web Sites, etc, often means receiving Unix ASCII files.
      They differ from MS-DOS ASCII files. Solutions.
    • Test your screen's focus with small text.
    • Gas Mileage
    • Gas, less outrageous
    • HTML Basic examples
    • HTML Moderate examples
    • Maintain your reduced blood pressure.
    • McKinley Tech High School, in Washingon, DC, has an ongoing FRC Robotics program.
    • Measure any type of download data rate.
    • Measure DSL up and download data rates.
    • Create fresh passwords for your system.
    • Prefixes in measurement
    • Print a useful page from a web site with printfriendly.
    • Time until 2012 PPTC Century
    • Reference Page
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