As If Anyone Was Asking

So this website has been around for a long time now. I started reviewing movies online in 1995, while I was still an undergrad in NYU's Dramatic Writing Program. It was strictly a means of killing time during my job at the school’s computer lab—I wanted to make movies, not write about them—but it accidentally turned into a career, albeit one that ceased to be terribly lucrative when the economy crashed in ’08. Professionally, I’ve at one time or another been the chief film critic for Time Out New York and Esquire, and written reviews and/or essays for Entertainment Weekly, Village Voice, L.A. Weekly, Salt Lake City Weekly, Nashville Scene, Las Vegas Weekly, and The A.V. Club. Those last two gigs are ongoing, but if you want to discuss having me write something for you, drop me a line at:

Right now, however, I’m actively working toward getting a feature film off the ground. My impossible-to-pitch, insanely ambitious screenplay The Ruse managed to land me an agent. I also have a more conventional script, Rob You Blind, about a romance between shoplifters. If you’re interested in either one, or have advice/skillz to offer in the event that I knuckle down and just shoot my first movie on the ultra-cheap, email me at the address above.

Otherwise, enjoy roaming through roughly two decades’ worth of sporadic musings on the movies I’ve watched. If you’re new here, I’d suggest starting with my essay on Fincher’s The Game and my rundown on the 2008 New York Film Festival, which are pretty representative, respectively, of my professional work and of the more loose-limbed approach that I employ here.