Wrote a monthly column for the magazine for several years, until they finally noticed my taste is way too arty for them.

Time Out New York

Reviews from my tenure at TONY are listed by year on the pages for 2000–2004. Got a few other odds and ends lying around here somewhere.

Entertainment Weekly

If anybody wants to dig through the years of stuff I wrote for them in the ’90s, have at it.

Festival Rundowns

By popular and petulant demand. Where available, links to festival rundowns from Cannes, Toronto, NYFF, and more.


Past reviews (now with functional links! mostly to the Internet Archive, but still!) are available by year via the Lists page. There's also a page of reviews of older movies.

Truly rabid fans can read a review I wrote in 1985, for The Breakfast Club. And I didn't know where else to file this appreciation of Tom Wilkinson’s performance in In the Bedroom, written for the NYFCC awards program, or my exhaustive assessment of David Mamet's entire career (as of 2013). Might as well throw in the pieces I've written for Oscilloscope's Musings blog, on Unfriended, Cannes flops, The Counselor, and The Man Who Wasn't There. Also, a rant about Twin Peaks not being a film. Oh, and a general Dissolve piece about Christopher Nolan.