Dylan's 15 minute of fame starts...

My niece Dylan is starting her 15 minutes of fame pretty early. Only a year old and already she has a TV credit to her name. She was on an episode of Outrageous and Contagious Viral Videos on Bravo. Click here to see her be "Adorable and Deadly."

In the interests of full disclosure, it's worth mentioning that her mom is the executive producer of the show. Happy

Welcome to the world, Rian...

Congrats to my cousin Dana and her husband Eric. Last week she gave birth to Rian Luke. A cutie, if ever there was one...


I'm published, baby!!!


Check out the April 2006 issue of Macworld Magazine. The feedback section on page 12. I sent in a comment on Chris Breen's video-ready iPod review and it was published.

Here it is, reprinted with permission by the author. Happy

In his review of the new video-ready iPods (Reviews, January 2006), Christopher Breen said that when he ripped his DVDs to one of the new iPods and then watched the video on a TV, the quality was akin to a VCR's. I experienced the same thing when I used the H.264 codec at a resolution of 320-by-240. But then I tried using MPEG-4 at higher resolutions, and I found that doing so resulted not only in relatively small files (under 1GB for a two-hour movie), but also in quality closer to that of the original DVD when the video is viewed on a TV or computer screen.

Like playing poker online? Let your senator know...

Thanks to the Poker Players Alliance for encouraging everyone to contact their senator's. I just got off the phone with Senator Clinton's office to say "I am a constituent. I like playing poker, both live and on the internet, and I think it should be legal." However you feel, on any issue, make your voice heard.

Live Action Simpsons opening...

I saw this on Wil Wheaton's blog and thought it was hysterical and wanted to share it here.

Check out this video on