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[PHOTO: Earth] Global / International Issues

  • "Amsterdam Plans Wide Limit on Cars." By Marlisle Simons. New York Times, 28 January 1993.

  • Automobile Reduction Measures

  • Calvin and Hobbes: The Space Ship That Ate the Earth

  • Energy Consumption: Bikes v Cars

  • Managing Environmental Affairs: Corporate Practices in the U.S., Canada and Europe. By Catherine Morrison. The Conference Board, 1991.

  • Automobile Reduction Makes Cremona Italy a Gem. "On Two Wheels in Italian Traffic." By Margaret Logan. The New York Times, 4 February 1990.

  • Alternative Fuels

  • Batteries v Fuel Cells

  • Global Warming Saves Newark NJ on Snow Removal Budget!

  • HOV Lanes in Quebec

  • Erosion of Cities by Automobiles

  • Learning from the Best and Worst: Transportation and Land Use Lessons from Thirty-Two International Cities with Implications for Gasoline Use and Emissions

  • Lifespring is a Cult

  • How to Get On/Off Electronic Mailing Lists

  • Central London Traffic Closing due to bombing winds up being very popular, so is extended.

  • The Environmental Cost of One Car

  • Transportation Related Pollution

  • Transportation Pollution Statistics

  • Push / Pull: The Way to Get Rid of Cars

  • Facts about Roadways

  • Probability of Pedestrian Injury and Death Increases with Motor Vehicle Speed

  • "Creating a Livable Community" in Strasbourg, France

  • Facts about Mass Transit

  • Transit Promotion and Automobile Reduction Go Hand in Hand. Feeder Bus for Downtown People Mover. By Fazil Najafi and Emil Nassar. US DOT June 1990.

  • Vehicle Design

  • United Nations


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