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  • "Libertine or Liberal? The Real Scandal of what People Know About President Clinton." people tend to assume he has taken a liberal or left-wing stance.

  • Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act

  • All the oil and gas in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the Outer Continental Shelf would serve the US's energy needs for about 235 days.

  • Transportation Spending and Economic Growth

  • Car Crashes are the #1 Cause of Death in the US for persons 1-44 years of age.

  • The Surface Transportation Policy Project has found areas of sprawl development have higher death rates from Aggressive Driving.

  • Bike Racks for Buses

  • Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency

  • City Limits A discussion of the policy boundaries cities face in the US. By Paul Peterson. University of Chicago Press, 1981.

  • City Limits has a small, but good, segment explaining how politicians diffuse opposition movements

  • Campaign for New Transportation Priorities

  • Transportation Cash Flow

  • Majority of Americans Support Mass Transit

  • Transportation and Tax Policy

  • A Conservative Transportation Policy. By Daniel Convissor. Auto-Free Press, November/December 1990. Reprinted in Solar Mind, March/April 1991.

  • Why Automobiles are Central to our Culture. By Daniel Convissor. A Letter to the Editor of The New York Times, 5 May 1991.

  • Using the Gas Tax for Deficit Reduction

  • 1994 Congressional Elections: A Republican Landslide and Public Mandate?

  • Tips for Making Employer Trip Reduction Work

  • "Pollution Rules Affect Commuting in Southern California." Wall Street Journal, 15 January 1991.

  • Gasoline is Cheaper Now Than in the 1950's

  • Superhighway, Superhoax. By Hellen Levitt

  • Infrastructure investment for economic stimulation: "All Aboard the Economic Recovery Flier." By Daniel Convissor. A Letter to the Editor of The New York Times 11 February 1993.

  • Smart Highways, An Assessment of Their Potential to Improve Travel. General Accounting Office. May 1991.

  • How to Beat Junk Mail

  • Mayors and Money: Fiscal Policy in New York and Chicago. By Ester Fuchs. University of Chicago Press, 1992.

  • Misplanning is a Problem, but Cars are No Scapegoat By Daniel Convissor. A Letter to the Editor of The Star-Ledger published on 22 August 1991.

  • Modern Transit Society is working to improve transit and reduce automobile dependence in California.

  • Highway Battle Archives: Historical files covering grassroots community organizing against highway expansion. From CONTACT-U.S. and the Highway Action Coalition, maintained by Gary Nelson.

  • My summary of the Nationwide Personal Transportation Study reveals interesting trends in the US.

  • Population Environment Balance, an environmental organization?

  • Highways aren't the only way to bolster the economy. "Portland Bypasses Progress." By Daniel Convissor. A Letter to the Editor of World Watch magazine, published in January 1992.

  • Rights and Liberties. By Daniel Convissor. [not ready yet]

  • Environmental Regulations Are Not Takings

  • Toles Cartoon on the American Lifestyle

  • Transportation and Public Policy. By Daniel Convissor. [this isn't ready yet.]

  • Americans' Attitudes on Welfare

  • The Defense of Marriage Act was recently passed by the US Congress. This measure defines the terms marriage and spouse to mean relationships between members of the opposite sex. This legislation poses a contradiction: in the "land of the free and the home of the brave," some people are so timid about their own sexuality that they'll restrict others' freedom. If you're curious, check how your politicians voted.

  • The Library of Congress' Thomas has complete Legislative Information.

  • The President's Home Page

  • Modern Transit Society is a CA based organization with lots of great transit info for advocates.


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