Stupid People's Court

Brought to you by Jeff Meyer (Judge Moriarty Wapner)

[Excerpts from the intro to the now-defunct rec.humor.spc:]

Before you begin to even formulate those inevitable queries in your mind, let me assure you that this is indeed The STUPID PEOPLE'S COURT Radio Network; or, as it is better known to the more technical among us, rec.humor.spc. Let's take this introduction slowly, one step at a time:


For the posting of the Proceedings of Stupid People's Court, a humorous yet insightful yet penetrating yet fairly tasty column put together by (up 'till now) yours truly, Judge Moriarty Wapner.


Many years before any of you (other than Hubert Humphrey, Rich Rosen or Gene Spafford) were born, there appeared a series of humorous articles in net.flame under the title "Stupid People's Court". These articles, for reasons unknown to historians and other people of Good Taste, created quite a following, such that SPC (as the court transcripts are knows) was able to escape the destruction of net.flame by being rocketed to Earth in a tiny Internet Packet.

Due to its infrequent appearances, however, SPC was lost in the high signal-to-noise ratio of rec.humor and talk.bizarre, and hordes of pleading fans asked me to start a mailing list so that they wouldn't miss new episodes. Thinking there might be some money in it somewhere, I obliged, but discovered that after a year, the subscription list had climbed to an extremely high readership, somewhere around the current number of Democratic Presidential candidates. The list's maintenance was murder, so I asked if I might get me own little moderated SPC newsgroup on news.groups. Luckily, SPC was mistaken for "Superconductor-Powered Concubines", and a large percentage of soc.misc voted the group into existance. And here I am, talking to you folks.


A lot of me. Sorry, I know it's a disappointment. I'll be releasing the first new Stupid People's Court transcript this week; after that, there will be a short dearth while I take a much-deserved vacation (actually a trip to the sanitarium, but you don't need to know that), and then I will return in full force, whatever the hell that means.

Starting in late September, when the colleges get back in swing, I'll be posting some of the "back issues" of Stupid People's Court, including such classics as the Rocky and Bullwinkle episode, and the Ken Ardnt classics. For those of you who can't wait that long, due to lack of patience or a serious case of syphilis, and also have ftp access on ArpaNet, the archived issues are kept on [], login anonymous, any password; the files are in ~ftp/pub, and are named "SPC.index", "SPC1", "SPC2" and "SPC3". Living Bible versions of SPC will be forthcoming, no doubt.