You know the story, Donald Trump gets kicked off of Twitter, Donald Trump and Evil Minions create a Twitter clone, and said clone gets flooded by Sonic the Hedgehog Pr0n.

You just KNEW that this would happen:

Nary a month after the dramatic implosion of former president (and current Twitter refugee) Donald Trump’s attempted blogging career, the septuagenarian authoritarian’s “team” of grifting enablers has launched its latest attempt at a social network for folks who are just too darn patriotic for mainstream social media…and also for all sorts of Sonic the Hedgehog porn.

The unpleasantly named GETTR—Hillary Clinton lives rent-free in that dude’s head—is essentially a Twitter clone. Its slogan, “the marketplace of ideas,” suggests that inexplicably fence-sitting centrists might find it appealing as well, and that’s particularly true if they’re into furry vore artwork and memes about Sonic the Hedgehog getting pregnant.

That keeps coming up, doesn’t it? It seems that GETTR’s early launch (it was originally promised for Independence Day) has attracted a variety of leftist riff-raff from TikTok, weird Twitter and the like, and they’ve embraced the unsavory, Trump-associated birdsite wannabe as the perfect place to share degenerate hentai, furry porn, leftist Sonic memes, and stock photos of pudgy, aged men in their underwear.

I need to get an account, and tell people that, “Joe Biden has given us lemons, so go to lemonparty dot org.”

Note to my reader(s), do not under ANY circumstances EVER go to lemonparty dot org. 

That which is seen can never be unseen.

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