Month: March 2017

Seriously, This Guy Should Have Been Drowned at Birth

I am referring, of course to Penn State trustee Albert Lord, who has stated that he is, “Running out of sympathy for 35 yr old, so-called victims with 7 digit net worth for the people who were raped by Jerry Sandusky, with the knowledge of Joe Paterno and Penn State:

Penn State trustee Albert L. Lord said he is “running out of sympathy” for the “so-called” victims of former Nittany Lions assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, according to an email sent to The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Lord, a former CEO of student loan company Sallie Mae, also defended Graham Spanier, the dismissed Penn State president who was convicted of one count of child endangerment last week for his handling of complaints about Sandusky.

“Running out of sympathy for 35 yr old, so-called victims with 7 digit net worth,” Lord said in the email sent Saturday. “Do not understand why they were so prominent in trial. As you learned, Graham Spanier never knew Sandusky abused anyone.”

One thing to note here:  He is an trustee elected by alumni, and there is a contested election for his position that will be ongoing for the next few months.

If you are an alum, vote early and often for the other guys.

Donate to their Primary Opponents, and Do Not Vote for Them in the General

Two Democratic Senators, Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp, have announced that they will vote to appoint Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court:

Senators Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp on Thursday became the first Democrats to support the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, giving Republicans two of eight Democratic votes needed to avoid a nasty fight on the U.S. Senate floor next week.

Both West Virginia’s Manchin and North Dakota’s Heitkamp are up for re-election next year in states that voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

“I hold no illusions that I will agree with every decision Judge Gorsuch may issue in the future, but I have not found any reasons why this jurist should not be a Supreme Court justice,” Manchin said in a statement. Manchin met with the nominee for a second time on Wednesday night.

Heitkamp said that Gorsuch “has a record as a balanced, meticulous and well-respected jurist who understands the rule of law.”

This has got to be a red line:  If you vote for cloture, we are done with you.

I can’t speak to Heitkamp, she has been off my radar, but Manchin is a deeply corrupt individual who pulled strings to get the University of West Virginia to grant his daughter an unearned MBA degree, and later, when his daughter became CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals, he pushed to mandate them in public schools, even as the company was aggressively price gouging.

He is a bad, bad man, and we are not taking back the Senate in 2018.

If anything there will be fewer Dems in the Senate, because there are 9 Republican seats, and 25 Democratic seats (including independents who caucus with the Dems).

There is no way that Democrats will pick up two seats in Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, Utah,* and Wyoming, and not lose any of the 25 other seats.

Naah gaah naah happen.

Better to be rid of them, and best to make an example of them, so that (to paraphrase Pat Boone’s bloodthirsty call for the execution of on neo-Nazi JCC gunman Buford Furrow) those who think like them will think differently in the future.

*The Oxford Comma, bitches, it just works.

For Once, Maryland Politics Works

About a month ago the Maryland state Supreme Court ordered an overhaul of the bail system so that people do not spend weeks or months in pre-trial detention simply because they are poor:

Maryland’s highest court voted unanimously Tuesday to overhaul the state’s bail policies, essentially abolishing a system in which poor people could languish behind bars for weeks or months before trial because they could not post bond.

The rule change, which takes effect July 1, requires judges to impose the “least onerous” conditions when setting bail for a defendant who is not considered a danger or a flight risk.

That means Maryland will join a handful of states, including New Mexico, Kentucky and New Jersey, that have moved away from bail as part of a larger criminal-justice overhaul movement.

Judges will be required for the first time to consider whether a defendant can afford to make bail before setting their pretrial release conditions. They must also weigh whether defendants pose a risk of committing another crime or of not appearing for their next court date.

The directive approved by the rules committee of the Maryland Court of Appeals says that “preference should be given to additional conditions without financial terms,” court spokesman Kevin Kane said.

Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh (D), who has been pushing for an overhaul of the system, called the rules change a “huge step forward” that will lead to “more justice in Maryland.”

Of course, there is a politically connected group who promptly got the state Senate to pass a bill eviscerating this ruling, but following an overwhelming vote against this bill by Maryland black caucus in the House of delegates, it appears it won’t even make it to the floor there:

In what could be a devastating blow to bail bondsmen, Maryland’s Legislative Black Caucus voted overwhelmingly Thursday to oppose legislation that would partially restore the role of cash bail in pretrial release.

The caucus voted, 31-5, to oppose a bill favored by the bail bond industry — and approved by the state Senate — that would overrule the Court of Appeals’ instruction in February that court commissioners and judges consider other forms of pretrial release before resorting to cash bail.

Opponents of the bill said the vote gives House Speaker Michael E. Busch the political cover he needs to keep the legislation off the House floor. Busch later acknowledged that the vote affects the bill’s future.

“This sends a clear message to House leadership that the issue is dead for this year,” Del. Curt Anderson said.

The question of how the General Assembly should respond — if at all — to the Court of Appeals rule has been one of the hardest-fought battles of this legislative session. The caucus came down firmly on the side of letting the rule stand.


The industry objected to a provision of the Court of Appeals rule that diminished the role of cash bail in pretrial release. “Preference should be given to additional conditions without financial terms,” the rule reads.

The Senate bill would supersede that provision and put cash bail on a par with other conditions, which include steps such as drug treatment, monitoring and home detention.

The bill is now bottled up in the House Rules & Executive Nominations Committee because the Senate passed it after a legislative deadline. Opponents want the speaker to keep it there, and the caucus action bolsters their case. Members of black caucus make up about 40 percent of Democrats in the House.

I’ve gotta contact Busch’s office and ask him to keep the bill off the floor.

BTW, like all recipients of corporate welfare, the bail bondsmen have set up a sophisticated and expensive lobbying and PR campaign.

All this to fight a rule that basically says, “If the defendant is not a risk, don’t throw him in jail for being poor.”

These ratf%$#s make Comcast look like Albert Schweitzer.

This Would Be Ironic

When the Supreme Court declined to overturn Obamacare, they did restrict it somewhat, by declaring that the provision of the law that required states to expand Medicaid or leave the program.

The Court found that it was too coercive.

Legal experts are saying that this ruling would likely apply to Jeff Sessions’ attempts to defund sanctuary cities:

The Trump administration announced this week that it will make good on its January threat to claw back funding from so-called sanctuary cities that limit information-sharing with federal immigration officials. Yet hundreds of legal experts say the move would itself be illegal—in part due to a court ruling Republicans cheered just a few years ago.

In 2012, the Supreme Court forced the Obama administration to make Medicaid expansion voluntary for states instead of mandatory, ruling that when the federal government “threatens to terminate other significant independent grants as a means of pressuring the States to accept” a federal policy, it is unconstitutionally coercive.

Conservative groups that celebrated this victory over “infringement on state sovereignty by the federal government” may now be dismayed to learn that it could throw a wrench into the Trump administration’s current plan to punish sanctuary cities.

I am amused.

You Gotta Read This

It’s an article on, “12 people, things that ruined the EU.

It starts with Zeus’s rape of Europa, but my favorite item is number 2:

2. Edith Cresson

Going straight from Zeus, ruler of Mount Olympus, to good old Edith Cresson may seem a bit of a stretch. But as a strong contender for the title of worst European commissioner ever, the Frenchwoman does have a claim to fame, too. In the early 1990s, Cresson was a French prime minister who quickly fell out of favor and was forced to resign after less than a year in office. That apparently qualified her for a high-powered job in Brussels. As commissioner for science, research and development, Cresson famously paid her dentist to be a scientific adviser. In 1999, allegations of fraud intended to target Cresson ended up bringing down the entire Commission. To put it crudely: Cresson did to the EU what Zeus did to Europa.

Read it all.

It may not mean anything about the future of the EU, but it is a hoot.

Something Useful from the C.I.A.

Among the various CIA documents Wikileaks has released recently is instructions for how covert operatives can handle aggressive screeners at airports.

I’ve not read the document in detail yet (it’s a PDF at the link), but it seems to me that it has some useful hints for travelers.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t say much about dealing with the increasingly out of control ICE & CPB agents in the US, but it is good general primer on how to avoid that body cavity search.

Snark of the Day

New record sees woman make it to 9.05am before hearing word ‘Brexit’

The Daily Mash

Opening ‘graph:

Mary Fisher forgot to turn the radio on after getting up at 7.30am and opted to listen to music on her commute, thus avoiding the B-word for a euphoric 95 minutes.

Look at the bright side:  On our side of the pond, we have Trump, which is much worse than Brexit.


Have some Martha and Muffins:

The Balloon Has Gone Up

Theresa May has officially begun the Brexit process:

Theresa May has told parliament that she accepts Brexit will carry consequences for the UK, as a letter delivered to Brussels began a two-year countdown to Britain’s departure from the EU.
The prime minister made a speech on triggering article 50 minutes after the European council president, Donald Tusk, confirmed he had received notification. He declared that “the UK has delivered Brexit” nine months after a bruising referendum campaign.

“We understand that there will be consequences for the UK of leaving the EU. We know that we will lose influence over the rules that affect the European economy. We know that UK companies that trade with the EU will have to align with rules agreed by institutions of which we are no longer a part, just as we do in other overseas markets. We accept that,” she said.

A number of MPs congratulated the prime minister on the tone of her letter to Tusk, which stressed Britain’s commitment to the continent as a close friend and ally. But others accused her of issuing a “blatant threat” to withdraw security cooperation if the EU27 fail to deliver on a trade agreement. The letter suggests that the government hopes to roll the separate issues together, claiming no deal will mean WTO rules but also that “our cooperation in the fight against crime and terrorism would be weakened”. May’s spokesman repeatedly insisted placing security and trade relations alongside each other in the letter to Tusk was not intended as a threat. “It’s a simple statement of fact that if we leave the EU without a deal, then the arrangements we have as part of our EU membership will lapse,” he said.

This is going to be a bumpy ride.

The expectations on the British side are somewhat self contradictory, and there are elements of the EU establishment (and not just Wolfgang Schäuble) who want to make the UK an abject lesson for anyone else who is considering either an EU or Euro zone exit.

This is going to be nasty divorce ugly.

Why Chelsea Clinton Running for Office Would Be a Disaster

Matt Bruenig details the professional history of Chelsea Clinton, and it is a miasma and nepotism.

If she runs for office, and it is clear that Hillary, at least, wants her to continue in the “family business”, her entry in politics would be a disaster:

Rumors are that Chelsea Clinton is gearing up to run for office. This is troubling news insofar as it might keep the Clinton machine and its hangers-on in politics. It also seems like a questionable idea insofar as Clinton is a nepotist legacy case whose whole career to this point has been hopping from one dodgy patronage job to another, not exactly the ideal image for the Democratic Party.

McKinsey (2003–2006)

After graduating high school, Chelsea goes to Stanford and gets a degree in history and then goes to Oxford and gets a degree in international relations. So far, so banal.

But after Oxford, Chelsea Clinton signed up with McKinsey, a consulting company known as an elite business training corps. She was the youngest in her class, hired at the same rank as those with M.B.A. degrees. Her interview was more like a conversation, said D. Ronald Daniel, a senior partner. “That’s why she was a good consultant, because we are professional question-askers and professional listeners,” Mr. Daniel said.  —  New York Times

Despite having no background in business, statistics, or any other related field, Chelsea gets hired by McKinsey straight out of Oxford alongside elite business school graduates. The interview process for that was “more like a conversation.”

It goes on from there, and it’s an exercise in corrosive nepotism, including a gig with NBC that boils down to “$26,724 for each minute she subsequently appeared on air” and I agree with Breunig’s final conclusion:

You could not put together a more unappealing force in the world than what Chelsea Clinton represents, personally or politically.

It doesn’t make her a bad person, but it makes any entry into electoral politics by her an unmitigated catastrophe.

Live in Obedient Fear, Citizen

It turns out that the DEA data mines your travel data to see if it is worth it to steal your money:

Federal drug agents regularly mine Americans’ travel information to profile people who might be ferrying money for narcotics traffickers — though they almost never use what they learn to make arrests or build criminal cases.

Instead, that targeting has helped the Drug Enforcement Administration seize a small fortune in cash.

DEA agents have profiled passengers on Amtrak trains and nearly every major U.S. airline, drawing on reports from a network of travel-industry informants that extends from ticket counters to back offices, a USA TODAY investigation has found. Agents assigned to airports and train stations singled out passengers for questioning or searches for reasons as seemingly benign as traveling one-way to California or having paid for a ticket in cash.

The DEA surveillance is separate from the vast and widely-known anti-terrorism apparatus that now surrounds air travel, which is rarely used for routine law enforcement. It has been carried out largely without the airlines’ knowledge.

It is a lucrative endeavor, and one that remains largely unknown outside the drug agency. DEA units assigned to patrol 15 of the nation’s busiest airports seized more than $209 million in cash from at least 5,200 people over the past decade after concluding the money was linked to drug trafficking, according to Justice Department records. Most of the money was passed on to local police departments that lend officers to assist the drug agency.

“They count on this as part of the budget,” said Louis Weiss, a former supervisor of the DEA group assigned to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. “Basically, you’ve got to feed the monster.”

There may be times that seizure is justified, but by allowing those executing the seizures to keep the money for themselves, they end up becoming little more than mobsters running a protection racket.

More News from the Internet of Things

In another episode of how manufacturers are f%$#ing things making ordinary objects around your house internet enabled, now hackers can take over your dishwasher:

Don’t say you weren’t warned: Miele went full Internet-of-Things with a network-connected dishwasher, gave it a web server, and now finds itself on the wrong end of a security bug report – and it’s accused of ignoring the warning.

The utterly predictable vulnerability advisory on the Full Disclosure mailing list details CVE-2017-7240 – aka “Miele Professional PG 8528 – Web Server Directory Traversal.” This is the builtin web server that’s used to remotely control the glassware-cleaning machine from a browser.

“The corresponding embedded Web server ‘PST10 WebServer’ typically listens to port 80 and is prone to a directory traversal attack, therefore an unauthenticated attacker may be able to exploit this issue to access sensitive information to aide in subsequent attacks,” reads the notice, dated Friday.


And because Miele is an appliance company and not a pure-play IT company, it doesn’t have a process for reporting or fixing security bugs. The researcher who noticed the dishwasher’s web server vuln – Jens Regel of German company Schneider-Wulf – complains that Miele never responded when he contacted the biz with his findings; he says his first contact was made in November 2016.

Appliance makers: stop trying to connect stuff to networks, you’re no good at it.

I would also add, regulators need to police this stuff, and civil liability law needs to be rewritten to ensure that the manufacturers, and perhaps senior management are explicitly liable for this crap, including punitively harsh mandatory penalties.

If copyright trolls can threaten 6 figure judgements against people’s kids who Bit Torrent a Nickelback song,* then these manufacturers need to face at least that much jeopardy.

*I will note, if your kids are downloading Nickelback, I do think that a visit from Child Protective Services (CPS) might be in order, because, well, it’s f%$#ing Nickelback.

Ironic Headline of the Day

Former Obama Aide Who Helped Kill Single-Payer in the ACA Solicits Donations for Sick Friend’s GoFundMe Page

The former Barack Obama, and Max Baucus, aide is Jim Messina, who played a pivotal role in close lining even the remotest possibility of single payer or a public option, as well as steering the negotiations towards Baucus, who made a complete hash of the negotiations, and made the bill far worse as a result.

I am not suggesting that you not donate to Will Leaverton, who is having a very rough time dealing with pancreatitis, I am suggesting that you might want to find a way make Messina feel as badly about his role in the current state of affairs as is possible.

I Know that Correlation is not Causation

Historical patent data

Patents vs economic growth

But it does appear that there is a negative correlation between the number of patents and economic growth:

Recently I discussed a paper by David Autor, David Dorn, Gordon Hanson, Gary P. Pisano and Pian Shu. The paper noted that as competition from China increased, innovation by US firms, measured by patent output, decreased. I believe the result, but started to wonder… are patents a good measure of innovation? Do patents drive economic growth?

I don’t know how to measure innovation, but I can look at the relationship between patents and economic growth. We being by looking at patents per capita. I found patent data going back to 1840, and population to 1850. The graph below shows patents per capita beginning in 1850. (All data sources provided at the end of this post.)


If it kind of looks to you like patents are not driving economic growth, well, it kind of looks like that to me too. In fact, if anything, the lines seem to be more negatively than positively correlated. In years where there are more patents, the subsequent growth rate in real GDP for capita over a ten year period seems to go down. Conversely, fewer patents in one year seem to be associated with more growth over the next ten years.

This is not a surprise.

Patents are increasingly an instrument for extracting monopoly rents with no meaning productive activity, as such they are increasingly parasitic.

This is an Interesting Legal Strategy

Last Thursday, prosecutors announced that Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke is facing new criminal charges in the fatal October 2014 shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. Van Dyke was indicted by a grand jury earlier this month on 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm—one count, apparently, for each bullet he fired at McDonald. Van Dyke had previously been indicted on charges of first-degree murder and misconduct in office. Special prosecutor Joseph McMahon filed the new indictment—which included the original charges—to replace the first one.

“I’ve never seen charges shot by shot,” says former Cook County prosecutor Robert Milan.

All of which begs a few questions: Why would prosecutors charge Van Dyke separately for each bullet he fired? How common are these kinds of charges in shooting cases? And how likely is it that a jury will buy the argument that Van Dyke committed 16 separate felonies?

To get some answers, I reached out to Robert Milan, previously the No. 2 prosecutor in the state’s attorney’s office for Cook County, which includes Chicago. Milan has personally tried more than 100 shooting cases, he says, and “I’ve never seen charges shot by shot.”

Prosecutors, he says, may have filed the aggravated assault charges to preempt the defense’s inevitable argument that Van Dyke had the authority to use deadly force to protect himself and others, or to prevent McDonald—who was wielding a knife and had reportedly attempted to break into cars—from committing a violent felony.

Jurors would consider the battery charges in addition to (not in place of) first-degree murder. So prosecutors could ask the judge to instruct the jury to consider Van Dyke’s self-defense claim only for the bullets he fired before McDonald fell to the ground, on the grounds that the claim no longer applied after McDonald was down.

“If Van Dyke gets the total defense instruction for the entire act, I’m sure prosecutors are concerned that it covers all 16 shots,” Milan said. But “if the judge buys it, and Van Dyke doesn’t get that instruction, then that defense goes flying out the window for those shots. I really think that’s what they’re doing here.”

I’m not sure that I approve of this strategy, but I DO approve of the enthusiasm.

Generally, when prosecutors have to prosecute a bad cop, they run as weak ass cases that seem to be designed to acquit cops.

That this prosecutor is serious about getting a conviction is a most welcome change.

How I Made the SMS Viewable (Kind of Techie,)

First, I used SMS Backup and Restore to save the SMS messages.

Then I viewed the XML file generated in Firefox, using the following style sheets I downloaded for a threaded view. (Direct link)

If you put the contents of the zip file in the same directory as the xml file.

It would would then show up on Firefox as this:

At this point, I thought that it was there, but I was wrong.

Basically, there was no way for me to get it out.

It did not copy and paste properly, and so I knew that the information was there, I just didn’t know how to extract it to a blog post.

It turns out that if I use the link with the style sheets from above, there is one that generates a table in Firefox, and I can cut and past into an excel table, and there it is, with the sender, date, and content, whcih means that I can use my (not particularly) mad skillz at Excel text manipulation to generate the html code which set my stuff flush right, his flush left, added avatars, and had different background colors.

It also means that reordering texts to better reflect the order of the conversation (latency is a bitch)is easier:  Just insert a blank row, move the row there, and delete the now blank row.

Purists out there may object to my abuse of the table tag, which you can see on my earlier post if you look at the html code.

All in all, it comes pretty close to the way that it looks on my phone.

Still, it is a remarkably fugly way to do things, but fugly is what I do.

Here is a Transcript of Charlie’s AIPAC Texts

Except for the massaging necessary to convert the SMS texts, the only changes are to manually add the single MMS post, scroll down for Bibi’s hair dye, which was a picture of the hair disaster, and bowdlerizing some swear words.

There are some exchanges that are a bit confusing, because things get a bit temporally dislocated because of the lag between sending and receiving a message and the time to actually thumb type/Swype a response.

Charlie and I worked to clarify this as much as possible.

I have put it after the break, because it would otherwise it would push everything else off the page.

Click thru, particularly if you are reading this through Facebook.

I think that you will find it amusing:

Charles: Are you going to want my opinion on Mike Pence’s speech?
03/26/2017 7:46 PM
Me: Yes
03/26/2017 7:47 PM
Charles: Are you going to watch it from home?
03/26/2017 7:48 PM
Me: God no
03/26/2017 7:48 PM
Charles: Lulz
03/26/2017 7:50 PM
Charles: DC Mayor was here. She said “suport DC statehood”. I’m like yeah fam.
03/26/2017 7:56 PM
Me: Why does she want DC to be a steak? I’m thinking it’s more of a souffle.
03/26/2017 7:57 PM
Charles: fam
03/26/2017 7:58 PM
Me: Fam?
03/26/2017 7:58 PM
Charles: Bad joke fam
03/26/2017 8:00 PM
Charles: They have Stephen Harper speaking
03/26/2017 9:03 PM
Me: That must be terrifying
03/26/2017 9:04 PM
Charles: Meh. Considering Pence will be here, I’m not afraid yet.
03/26/2017 9:06 PM
Charles: He’s mostly talking foreign policy. I.e. not being scary
03/26/2017 9:09 PM
Me: It’s his soulless eyes that are terrifying
03/26/2017 9:10 PM
Charles: Lulz
03/26/2017 9:15 PM
Charles: True, Trudeau’s eyes are better.
03/26/2017 9:16 PM
Me: His are so dreamy
03/26/2017 9:16 PM
Charles: Lilian Pinkus’s voice sounds like a cross between Sarah Palin and Jennifer Granholm
03/26/2017 9:22 PM
Me: The horror.
03/26/2017 9:22 PM
Charles: HE’S HERE
03/26/2017 9:23 PM
Me: Just think of him as a cartoon villain. He already looks like one.
03/26/2017 9:24 PM
03/26/2017 9:24 PM
Charles: That was Kaine. Pence looks like a Bond villain
03/26/2017 9:24 PM
Me: You are correct, sir.
03/26/2017 9:25 PM
Me: I may use our text exchange on out blog.
03/26/2017 9:25 PM
Charles: K
03/26/2017 9:25 PM
Charles: He’s just talking about his previous support for Israel rn.
03/26/2017 9:26 PM
Charles: “From the bottom of my heart, thank you”, the bottom of his cold, lifeless heart
03/26/2017 9:27 PM
Me: Lulz
03/26/2017 9:27 PM
Charles: Oh and he condemned the vandalism of cemetaries, which I appreciate
03/26/2017 9:27 PM
Charles: A friend says: “Can he stop sucking Trump’s dick?”
03/26/2017 9:28 PM
Me: You are killing your old man here! Need oxygen
03/26/2017 9:28 PM
Charles: He’s mostly just talking up trump a saying “hey we support israel”
03/26/2017 9:29 PM
Charles: This is relatively nebulous honestly
03/26/2017 9:30 PM
Charles: Finding as many ways as possible to say he supports Israel
03/26/2017 9:30 PM
Charles: “After decades of simply talking about it”, something about the embassy, but I thought he was talking about his own speech.
03/26/2017 9:33 PM
Charles: Besides moving the embassy, nothing really of policy so far beyond “we support israel”
03/26/2017 9:34 PM
Charles: Ok, now talking about increased military spending. That is a policy point.
03/26/2017 9:35 PM
Charles: “This administration has put Iran on notice”, also a policy point I guess
03/26/2017 9:37 PM
Charles: Someone held up a Trump sign. Hun, the election is over.
03/26/2017 9:38 PM
Charles: Talking about a visit to dachau now
03/26/2017 9:38 PM
Charles: Also I should have brought a gay pride flag
03/26/2017 9:39 PM
Me: Lol
03/26/2017 9:39 PM
Charles: Ok, he just delivered an excelent line
03/26/2017 9:39 PM
Me: Do tell
03/26/2017 9:40 PM
Charles: He was talking with a holocaust survivor, the survivor was telling the story, and ended by saying, “and then, the Americans came.”
03/26/2017 9:40 PM
Charles: Speech just ended
03/26/2017 9:46 PM
Charles: So, the story his, he visited Dachau, met up with a survivor,
03/26/2017 9:47 PM
Charles: The survivor described to him everyone dying around him, one by one,
03/26/2017 9:47 PM
Charles: “And then, the Americans came”
03/26/2017 9:47 PM
Charles: Excellent line, best part of the speech.
03/26/2017 9:48 PM
Me: So, are you done for the evening?
03/26/2017 10:08 PM
Charles: Yup
03/26/2017 10:28 PM
Charles: Bibi dyed his hair
03/27/2017 9:15 AM
Me: Send a picture
03/27/2017 9:15 AM
03/27/2017 9:17 AM
Me: Who does he think that he is fooling?
03/27/2017 9:19 AM
Charles: Lulz
03/27/2017 9:20 AM
Charles: Paul Begala is speaking
03/27/2017 9:29 AM
Me: He’s not a liberal, he just plays one on TV.
03/27/2017 9:29 AM
Charles: He says he’s a lifelong supporter of progressive politics, and he helped Bill Clinton’s campaign. One or the other, sir.
03/27/2017 9:31 AM
Me: Lulz
03/27/2017 9:31 AM
Charles: He used the term protip
03/27/2017 9:32 AM
Charles: Oh and then he praised Israel’s socialized healthcare, which I very much appreciate.
03/27/2017 9:33 AM
Charles: Can we get some of that socialized medicine over here?
03/27/2017 9:34 AM
Me: What fore protip mean?
03/27/2017 9:35 AM
Charles: He was trying to internet lingo
03/27/2017 9:35 AM
Me: So, what does it mean?
03/27/2017 9:36 AM
Charles: It means “here’s a tip from me, I have experience.”
03/27/2017 9:40 AM
Charles: They have Chaim Hertzog’s son speaking, he’s p cool.
03/27/2017 9:54 AM
Charles: Oh, forgot to tell you. Yesterday I asked a question at one of the pannels
03/27/2017 10:09 AM
Me: What was the question?
03/27/2017 10:09 AM
Charles: It was on middle east policy, and I asked the panelists, who were discussing removing Assad how they thought we should deal with the resulting power vacuum.
03/27/2017 10:11 AM
Charles: One of the panelists seemed to understand what I was getting at, the other was more hawkish.
03/27/2017 10:12 AM
Me: You should have said, “Like the disaster in Libya,” to clarify.
03/27/2017 10:35 AM
Charles: TRUE
03/27/2017 10:46 AM
Charles: Wany your help with something
03/27/2017 11:27 AM
Charles: *want
03/27/2017 11:28 AM
Me: Proceed
03/27/2017 11:28 AM
Charles: AIPAC is lobbying for sanctions on Iran for non nuclear actions, I.e. Missile tests, syria, hezbola
03/27/2017 11:30 AM
Me: Yes
03/27/2017 11:30 AM
Charles: They say these non nuclear sanctions would not violate the JCPOA
03/27/2017 11:30 AM
Charles: Someone else said the text of the JCPOA specifically precludes such sanctions (the nature of the agreement notwithstanding)
03/27/2017 11:31 AM
Charles: Can you help me find a source about this?
03/27/2017 11:32 AM
Me: It has a wiki page
03/27/2017 11:32 AM
Charles: It doesn’t have it on there
03/27/2017 11:32 AM
Me: It does mention there that Iranian sources say that the extension of sanctions would breach the deal.
03/27/2017 11:35 AM
Charles: Extension of what sanctions?
03/27/2017 11:36 AM
Me: The nuclear sanctions. There is a bulk in congress to do so.
03/27/2017 11:37 AM
Charles: Does that apply to new non-nuclear related sanctions?
03/27/2017 11:38 AM
Charles: So new non nuclear sanctions are fine?
03/27/2017 11:39 AM
Me: I’m looking.
03/27/2017 11:39 AM
Charles: Imo if they don’t violate the agreement, I’m for them.
03/27/2017 11:40 AM
Charles: this source claims such sanctions are fine.
03/27/2017 11:42 AM
Me: I an fairly certain that Iran & Russia both believe that new sanctions violate the JCPOA. Look at the EU position.
03/27/2017 11:43 AM
Charles: So it’s a matter of dispute then?
03/27/2017 11:44 AM
Me: Yes, but Brookings is VERY hawkish, and not a reliable source.
03/27/2017 11:48 AM
Charles: Ok. I’m having a great deal of trouble finding very many sources.
03/27/2017 11:49 AM
Charles: Do you have a source on the EU position?
03/27/2017 11:50 AM
Me: The EU is trying to keep Trump from monkey wrenching the deal.
03/27/2017 11:51 AM
03/27/2017 11:51 AM
Charles: I get the argument of a slippery slope, but I do think missile testing and Hezbolah funding is worthy of sanctions
03/27/2017 11:53 AM
Me: Iran will never stop finding Hezbollah. Defending the Shia community is something that they would continue even if they became a democracy.
03/27/2017 11:55 AM
Charles: Right but the point is hezbolah’s attacks on israel
03/27/2017 11:56 AM
Me: It’s like the French defending French culture and language around the world.
03/27/2017 11:57 AM
Charles: ?
03/27/2017 11:57 AM
Me: Iran defending Shiia is like the French position. It is a position held with near unanimity across the political spectrum.
03/27/2017 11:59 AM
Charles: I don’t see the equivalence
03/27/2017 11:59 AM
Me: I am saying that this is an existential position of that society
03/27/2017 12:07 PM
Charles: What about the other actions?
03/27/2017 12:11 PM
Me: The missile tests are not a violation of the MTCR, and they have a right to develop such weapons.
03/27/2017 12:13 PM
Charles: Fai6
03/27/2017 12:13 PM
Charles: *fair
03/27/2017 12:14 PM
Me: Also, they have launched civilian satellites as early as 2009.
03/27/2017 12:15 PM
Me: The U.S. position is that any weapons development by governments it deems an adversary are illegal. I call this bullsh%$.
03/27/2017 12:16 PM
Me: Also understand that many of their developments are about deterring the U.S., not threatening Israel.
03/27/2017 12:20 PM
Charles: I see
03/27/2017 12:53 PM
Charles: Btw, look up hr 1221, I find it interesting
03/27/2017 12:54 PM


H.R 1221 Sets up a fund promoting peaceful coexistence and person to person dialogue between individual Israelis and Palestinians.”

Charles: The three lobbying things AIPAC is doing is funding for israel aid, sanctions on iran, and fighting bds
03/27/2017 1:01 PM
Charles: I want to ask if I can lobby for hr 1221
03/27/2017 1:01 PM
Charles: I’d rather lobby for hr 1221
03/27/2017 1:01 PM
Me: Seems like an innocuous bill, but I’m sure that Trump will turn it into something corrupt.
03/27/2017 1:03 PM
Charles: Maybe also the bds thing but mostly hr 1221
03/27/2017 1:04 PM
Me: BTW, it appears that AIPAC funded attacks on J-Street by Islamaphobe nut Frank Gaffney last year.
03/27/2017 1:11 PM
Charles: I’m sorry what. Link?
03/27/2017 1:12 PM
Charles: Seriously I need to hear this
03/27/2017 1:13 PM
03/27/2017 1:12 PM
Me: J-street is liberal equivalent of AIPAC
03/27/2017 1:13 PM
03/27/2017 1:13 PM
Charles: I know about j street
03/27/2017 1:15 PM
Charles: Yes I saw, I’m reading and I’m upset
03/27/2017 1:16 PM
Me: Better to know now
03/27/2017 1:16 PM
Charles: Yes
03/27/2017 1:17 PM
Charles: Geez you are persuasive
03/27/2017 1:18 PM
Charles: Except with your pessimism on hr 1221
03/27/2017 1:18 PM
Me: Never underestimate the ability of conservatives to subvert good intentions.
03/27/2017 1:18 PM
Me: Yeah, I’m a bit of a cynic.
03/27/2017 1:19 PM
Charles: Lulz wait that’s depressing
03/27/2017 1:24 PM
Charles: To be clear, I still disagree with your assessment of hezbolah
03/27/2017 1:36 PM
Charles: But I understand why there’s probably a perception of needing to do that.
03/27/2017 1:37 PM
Me: I think that Hezbollah is primarily a terrorist organisation with a Shia political party rump.
03/27/2017 1:37 PM
Charles: So basically, the uk view?
03/27/2017 1:38 PM
Me: But Iran will always support them, because it is part of the great game being played between Sunni and Shia for over a millennium.
03/27/2017 1:39 PM
Me: I should note that Hezbollah also does a better job of provisioning services than does the central Lebanese government does.
03/27/2017 1:40 PM
Me: That fact is a major source of their power.
03/27/2017 1:41 PM
Charles: The way a lot of this conflict is framed here, it’s like saying shia islam is the problem
03/27/2017 1:45 PM
Charles: With the situation over there, I fear that vew could lead to genocide.
03/27/2017 1:45 PM
Me: Because AIPAC is close with the House of Saud these days.
03/27/2017 1:46 PM
Charles: Yeah I’m glad I’ve come here, but I prob won’t attend again.
03/27/2017 1:56 PM
Me: Why not? You are collecting valuable intelligence.
03/27/2017 1:57 PM
Charles: That’s why I’m glad I came. But I’d rather not come again.
03/27/2017 1:58 PM
Me: Also understand the value of developing social connections to assholes.
03/27/2017 1:59 PM
Charles: Outweighed by the fact that they are assholes. Although most of the people are nice.
03/27/2017 2:01 PM
Me: Also, if you want to be politically active, being friendly to jerks is required.
03/27/2017 2:03 PM
Charles: Ugh
03/27/2017 2:06 PM
Me: Welcome to reality
03/27/2017 2:06 PM
Charles: Nikki Haley is about to speak
03/27/2017 4:56 PM
Me: Oh joy
03/27/2017 4:56 PM
Charles: And here she is
03/27/2017 4:57 PM
Charles: The crowd loves her
03/27/2017 4:59 PM
Charles: She’s vastly oversimplifying the Iran deal rn
03/27/2017 5:02 PM
Me: Well she is dumb as a post
03/27/2017 5:03 PM
Charles: This is an interview btw
03/27/2017 5:03 PM
Charles: “I wanted to make sure that the United states started leading again”
03/27/2017 5:04 PM
Charles: Most of what she’s saying, besides the lran deal, I have no issue with tbh. It’s pretty inocuous.
03/27/2017 5:05 PM
Charles: K then
03/27/2017 5:06 PM
Charles: The crowd is eating this up.
03/27/2017 5:06 PM
Charles: “I don’t know who it was” who wrote the report calling Israel an apartheid state. You should prob know that hun.
03/27/2017 5:08 PM
Me: Like I Said; dumb as a post.
03/27/2017 5:09 PM
Charles: Like I think she forgot who it was.
03/27/2017 5:10 PM
Charles: But damn if the crowd doesn’t love her.
03/27/2017 5:10 PM
Me: And what does this say about the crowd m
03/27/2017 5:11 PM
Charles: I don’t like giving ovations to people like her.
03/27/2017 5:14 PM

Re: Ovations
03/27/2017 5:16 PM

03/27/2017 5:17 PM
Charles: (1/2) “what happened to that turn table thing from last year? I really liked it. Sometimes it seems like politicians talk in circles, last year with the stage w
03/27/2017 5:19 PM
Charles: (2/2) e actually had that.”
03/27/2017 5:19 PM
Charles: “thanks to all the young people here” no prob bro, now can you not try to ruin our healthcare again
03/27/2017 5:20 PM
Me: .lol
03/27/2017 5:20 PM
Charles: He’s talking about his trip to israel, talking about the cool stuff.
03/27/2017 5:20 PM
Charles: Universal healthcare was not one of the things he mentioned
03/27/2017 5:21 PM
Charles: And now talking about the strength of the US Israel relationship. I agree with that but I’ve heard heard it ad nauseum
03/27/2017 5:22 PM


Charles: Under no uncertain terms.
03/27/2017 5:22 PM
Charles: Wow, I was wondering when someone would be candid here.
03/27/2017 5:22 PM
Charles: Now onto the iran deal
03/27/2017 5:22 PM
Charles: “an unmitigated disaster”
03/27/2017 5:23 PM
Charles: Cool story bro
03/27/2017 5:23 PM
Me: Dude, you are writing some amazing stuff here.
03/27/2017 5:24 PM
Charles: “I think it is time we rigorously enforce this deal and hold iran accountable when they violate” I thought you didn’t like the deal
03/27/2017 5:24 PM
Charles: And calling for more sanctions
03/27/2017 5:24 PM
Charles: Saying Iran is basically wholey responsible for the problems in the middle east (hun no)
03/27/2017 5:26 PM
Charles: Oh snap
03/27/2017 5:27 PM
Me: What did he just say
03/27/2017 5:28 PM


Charles: Honey no that is one step removed from all out war.
03/27/2017 5:28 PM
Me: What?
03/27/2017 5:28 PM
Me: If he called for a blockade, that is technically an act of war.
03/27/2017 5:28 PM
Charles: Also talking about stopping iranian airlines from delivering weapons. Hope that doesn’t involve shooting another one down?
03/27/2017 5:29 PM
Charles: He proposed putting the iranian revolutionary guard on the list o
03/27/2017 5:30 PM
Charles: of terrorist groups
03/27/2017 5:31 PM
Me: It does, and without a Security Council mandate, it is illegal.
03/27/2017 5:30 PM
Charles: …oh sh%$
03/27/2017 5:32 PM
Charles: Ok now he’s talking about BDS
03/27/2017 5:32 PM
Charles: Same speil, I’ve heard it ad nauseum, I agree with it but I’m tired of hearing it
03/27/2017 5:33 PM
Charles: Ok, I don’t know if he was proposing a blockade, but he said we needed to work to stop the airlines from delivering weapons
03/27/2017 5:33 PM
Charles: And saying israel shouldn’t negotiate with hamas. I understand the sentiment, but it’s problematic to peace talks.
03/27/2017 5:33 PM
Charles: Because he just said they should negotiate when the unity government includes hamas
03/27/2017 5:34 PM
Charles: Is that proposing a blockade?
03/27/2017 5:34 PM
Me: It’s awfully close
03/27/2017 5:34 PM
Charles: And now he’s talking the vandalism and bomb threats.
03/27/2017 5:35 PM
Charles: “These attacks on Jewish Americans are vile and they are disgusting.”
03/27/2017 5:35 PM
Charles: And summarizing
03/27/2017 5:35 PM
Me: Yeah, but the bomb threats were made by an Israeli.
03/27/2017 5:36 PM
Charles: I want to go back to the hotel
03/27/2017 5:36 PM
Charles: He’s done. Bye Mr. Smurfeyes
03/27/2017 5:37 PM
Me: Charlie Pierce calls him the “Zombie eyed granny starver”
03/27/2017 5:38 PM
Charles: And now we have McCarthy and whatshisname
03/27/2017 5:39 PM
Me: Joe McCarthy is dead
03/27/2017 5:39 PM
Charles: The minority whip
03/27/2017 5:39 PM
Charles: It’s another interview
03/27/2017 5:39 PM
Charles: Not that McCarthy, Kevin
03/27/2017 5:40 PM
Me: D’oh!
03/27/2017 5:41 PM
Charles: “We’ll debate a lot, but we’re still friends”
03/27/2017 5:42 PM
Charles: You know, I’ve heard a lot of politicians say that over the past two days and idk if I believe it
03/27/2017 5:41 PM
Charles: Steny Hoyer is the other guy
03/27/2017 5:42 PM
Charles: They’re the cosponsors of the iran sanctions.
03/27/2017 5:42 PM
Me: Hoyer is f%$#ing useless
03/27/2017 5:43 PM
Me: I get the sense that your texting me is preserving a modicum of your sanity.
03/27/2017 5:42 PM
Charles: Dad, why else whould I be texting you at a time like this?
03/27/2017 5:44 PM
Me: Glad that I can be of assistance.
03/27/2017 5:44 PM
Charles: I’m not even paying attention atm
03/27/2017 5:45 PM
Charles: I wanna go home
03/27/2017 5:45 PM
Charles: No other country has spent more (on rockets) without trying to develop a nuclear weapon”
03/27/2017 5:46 PM
Charles: Well I mean yes but alot of that spending was space exploration hun
03/27/2017 5:46 PM
Charles: I wanna go home
03/27/2017 5:46 PM
Me: That which does not kill you makes you stronger.
03/27/2017 5:46 PM
Charles: I don’t even care about meeting congresspeople, they suck anyway.
03/27/2017 5:47 PM
Me: Ironic that I am quoting the Nazi’s favorite philosopher.
03/27/2017 5:47 PM
Me: In the words of Gold 5, “Stay on target.”
03/27/2017 5:48 PM
Me: Of course Gold 5 got shot down.
03/27/2017 5:49 PM
Charles: The person who said the spending thing was mccarthy btw
03/27/2017 5:58 PM
Charles: Here’s Grace Nepolitano
03/27/2017 5:59 PM
Me: Is this Janet’s kid?
03/27/2017 5:59 PM
Charles: Did you send me the “joe mccarthy is dead” txt twice?
03/27/2017 6:00 PM
Charles: Idk but she’s off stage now
03/27/2017 6:00 PM
Me: I don’t think so
03/27/2017 6:00 PM
Charles: Our texts are getting mixed up
03/27/2017 6:01 PM
Charles: Gold 5?
03/27/2017 6:02 PM
Me: Star Wars, the original.
03/27/2017 6:03 PM
Charles: You need to be more specific about what you mean
03/27/2017 6:05 PM
Charles: Lior is asking me for origami help.
03/27/2017 6:04 PM
Me: Lior?
03/27/2017 6:04 PM
Charles: One of the shinshinim (israeli student here for a year) on the trip with us.
03/27/2017 6:06 PM
Me: You said that you were helping Lior with orgami.. Who s are they?
03/27/2017 6:06 PM
Charles: Lior is one of the shinshinim
03/27/2017 6:07 PM
Charles: Did you not get the text?
03/27/2017 6:08 PM
Me: What is a shinshinim?
03/27/2017 6:07 PM
Charles: I just said
03/27/2017 6:07 PM
Me: A girl or a guy?
03/27/2017 6:08 PM
Me: Latency issues
03/27/2017 6:08 PM
Charles: She’s a high schol graduate here in the us for a year
03/27/2017 6:10 PM
Me: I will try not to squee, but she likes you.
03/27/2017 6:10 PM
03/27/2017 6:06 PM
03/27/2017 6:06 PM
Charles: Also all Tim Kaine did was introduce a dance program. I am disappoint.
03/27/2017 6:11 PM
Me: If Tim Kaine was dancing, I’m glassy that I didn’t see it.
03/27/2017 6:11 PM
Charles: He didn’t dance. He just introduced a video about a dance program.
03/27/2017 6:12 PM
Charles: Take me home. Please.
03/27/2017 6:13 PM
Charles: Tell Uncle Steve I wish I was at J-Street too.
03/27/2017 7:03 PM
Me: .ok
03/27/2017 7:04 PM
Charles: So, the iranian revolutionary guard is basically iran’s military?
03/27/2017 8:33 PM
Me: It’s also a major political force as well as a major economic player in the local economy.
03/27/2017 8:34 PM
Me: It is at best a small portion of Iran’s military.
03/27/2017 8:34 PM
Charles: Ok
03/27/2017 8:35 PM
Charles: If it was declared a terrorist group, what do ou think the fallout would be?
03/27/2017 8:35 PM
Me: It would get ugly really fast.
03/27/2017 8:36 PM
Charles: Ugly as in possible war?
03/27/2017 8:52 PM
Me: Ugly as in as in blowing up the nuclear agreement with the EU telling us to go Cheney themselves. It is worse than a Crime. It is a mistake.
03/27/2017 8:55 PM
Charles: Oh and this is an existing proposal by Trump.
03/27/2017 8:57 PM
Me: Actually, I think that it is more from the congressional hawks than Trump.
03/27/2017 8:58 PM
Charles: Either way it was an existing proposal
03/27/2017 9:03 PM
Me: It’s been floating around for some time.
03/27/2017 9:04 PM
Me: I talked with Natalie, and she said that your should exchange numbers with Lior. I agree.
03/27/2017 11:05 PM
Charles: Are you f%$#ing serious. Stop
03/27/2017 11:06 PM
Me: I asked Nat first.
03/27/2017 11:06 PM
Charles: Besides we’ve all been shipping her with the other person from israel.
03/27/2017 11:09 PM
Me: I’m taking being a texting buddy
03/27/2017 11:09 PM
Me: How you doing otherwise?
03/27/2017 11:07 PM
Me: It’s just for texting.
03/27/2017 11:07 PM
Charles: I’m doing fine. Ready to go home tomorrow
03/27/2017 11:07 PM
Me: I tot it was Wednesday
03/27/2017 11:07 PM
Charles: No, I’m home tomorrow afternoon
03/27/2017 11:08 PM
Me: Last night, I went upstairs to shout at you to go to bed.
03/27/2017 11:09 PM
Charles: Lulz
03/27/2017 11:10 PM
Me: Should I do this tonight too?
03/27/2017 11:10 PM
Charles: Go ahead
03/27/2017 11:11 PM
Charles: Mitch McConnel is speaking now
03/28/2017 8:12 AM
Charles: I’ve never seen this species of turtle up close
03/28/2017 8:13 AM
Charles: “And of course, thanks to all the Kentuckian’s here with us” 7 people cheer.
03/28/2017 8:13 AM
Me: Lol
03/28/2017 8:14 AM
Charles: And we begin with the standard Iran deal spiel.
03/28/2017 8:14 AM
Charles: He’s talking about obama because potatos
03/28/2017 8:15 AM
Me: Potatoes?
03/28/2017 8:15 AM
Charles: Criticizing trying to close gitmo because screw due process
03/28/2017 8:15 AM
Charles: Potatos as in I don’t know
03/28/2017 8:15 AM
Charles: Criticizing leaving Irag and Afganistan because I don’t know tbh
03/28/2017 8:16 AM
Me: Tbh?
03/28/2017 8:16 AM
Charles: To be honest
03/28/2017 8:17 AM
Charles: Now talking about shia fighter like shia is equivalent to a terrorist group
03/28/2017 8:17 AM
Charles: “shia proxies” you mean shia muslims?
03/28/2017 8:18 AM
Charles: Iran, blah blah blah
03/28/2017 8:18 AM
Charles: Saying Withdrawing from Iraq caused Al Quada to become Isis (wrong)
03/28/2017 8:19 AM
Charles: Coughed once
03/28/2017 8:19 AM
Charles: Talking about standing with israel.
03/28/2017 8:20 AM
Me: The core of Daesh were Sunni tribesmen trained by Petraeus during the surge.
03/28/2017 8:21 AM
Charles: Oh rlly?
03/28/2017 8:22 AM
Charles: I will say this is much more substantive than the other speeches. So there’s that
03/28/2017 8:22 AM
Me: Yes. That’s why they could use captured complex military equipment supplied by the U.S. so quickly. We trained them.
03/28/2017 8:23 AM
Charles: Man we are f%$ing dumb
03/28/2017 8:24 AM
Me: We are a blind stupid giant
03/28/2017 8:25 AM
Charles: “We must use all elements, all elements of our power” does that include was becuase I don’t like that
03/28/2017 8:25 AM
03/28/2017 8:25 AM
Charles: You know he’s smart when he uses big words
03/28/2017 8:26 AM
Me: Yes, that includes direct military force
03/28/2017 8:26 AM
Charles: Ok he’s in no uncertain terms proposing military action. Like direct action
03/28/2017 8:26 AM
Me: Vis is a small word
03/28/2017 8:27 AM
Charles: It’s a smart word (sarcasm)
03/28/2017 8:27 AM
Charles: You know, maybe I don’t like turtles all that much.
03/28/2017 8:28 AM
Charles: This one’s kinda gung ho nuts
03/28/2017 8:28 AM
Me: Your grandmother lived turtles
03/28/2017 8:28 AM
Me: Loved
03/28/2017 8:28 AM
Charles: And he’s done
03/28/2017 8:29 AM
Charles: The turtle returns to the shell
03/28/2017 8:30 AM
Me: At one point we had 12 turtles, 3 cats, and 2 iguanas
03/28/2017 8:30 AM
Charles: Chuck Schumer is speaking
03/28/2017 8:31 AM
Me: I can smell the hhypocrisy all the way out here in Baltimore
03/28/2017 8:32 AM
Charles: A woman told him that he was the bravest me#ber of congress because he wore a yarmulka
03/28/2017 8:32 AM
Charles: He said thank you, but this is not a yarmulka
03/28/2017 8:32 AM
Me: He wears a hair piece then?
03/28/2017 8:33 AM
Charles: No, he was pointing to his bald spot
03/28/2017 8:34 AM
Charles: He mentioned his highschool and more people cheered than the number from kentucky
03/28/2017 8:35 AM
Charles: Ok most of this is about how israel is great. I’m down with that, but not much policy
03/28/2017 8:36 AM
Charles: Talk of antisemitism in Europe
03/28/2017 8:38 AM
Charles: And of antisemitic vandalism and neo-nazi violence
03/28/2017 8:39 AM
Charles: And bomb threats
03/28/2017 8:39 AM
Me: How about the antisemitism of the alt right?
03/28/2017 8:39 AM
Charles: “regardless of the culprit’s religion or nationality”
03/28/2017 8:40 AM
Charles: He specifically said far right, so close enough I guess
03/28/2017 8:40 AM
Charles: He’s focusing on the combat of antisemitism, I like this
03/28/2017 8:41 AM
Charles: And now on the antisemitism of BDS
03/28/2017 8:43 AM
Charles: I’m enjoying this one tbh
03/28/2017 8:45 AM
Charles: “we must support sanctions against iran’s ICBM program” I mean they did launch satelites.
03/28/2017 8:51 AM
Charles: Ok, he’s done now. I enjoyed most of that
03/28/2017 8:54 AM
Charles: And now, Nancy Pelosi
03/28/2017 8:54 AM
Charles: “We love you Nancy” someone yelled
03/28/2017 8:55 AM
Me: Gawd
03/28/2017 8:55 AM
Charles: More people from san diego than kentucky, poor turtle
03/28/2017 8:56 AM
Me: Pelosi it’s a Baltimore native
03/28/2017 8:56 AM
Charles: I know.
03/28/2017 8:57 AM
Me: Daughter of Tommy Dellisandro
03/28/2017 8:57 AM
Charles: She’s naming different places to get cheers
03/28/2017 8:58 AM
Me: Lame
03/28/2017 8:58 AM
Charles: “Anybody here from california” many cheers
03/28/2017 8:59 AM
Charles: “My native state of maryland” ayyy fam
03/28/2017 8:59 AM
Charles: Meh
03/28/2017 8:59 AM
Charles: This speech isn’t very engaging.
03/28/2017 8:59 AM
Charles: “Let’s here it for my grandchildren”
03/28/2017 9:00 AM
Charles: Talking aboout the power of immigrants, cool.
03/28/2017 9:02 AM
Charles: She h
03/28/2017 9:05 AM
Charles: I’m honestly kinda bored. I agree with much of what she’s saying, but the presentation is boring.
03/28/2017 9:06 AM
Me: Welcome to the Democratic party
03/28/2017 9:07 AM
Charles: And she’s done
03/28/2017 9:14 AM
Charles: Ugh can we go lobbying yet, I want to see dutch ruppersburger
03/28/2017 9:16 AM
Charles: Should I speak up if I disagree with something?
03/28/2017 11:21 AM
Me: Yes
03/28/2017 11:22 AM
Me: What is the issue
03/28/2017 11:23 AM
Charles: The UN does have resolutions against Iran’s ballistic missiles btw
03/28/2017 11:24 AM
Charles: But I still am wary of sanctions atm
03/28/2017 11:25 AM
Me: The U.N. security council, or the general assembly?
03/28/2017 11:26 AM
Charles: Council
03/28/2017 11:26 AM
Me: The people who want immediate sanctions are interested primarily in creating a causus belli
03/28/2017 11:27 AM
Charles: Causus belli?
03/28/2017 11:28 AM
Me: Justification for war
03/28/2017 11:28 AM
Charles: Geez
03/28/2017 11:29 AM
Me: There are elements of the U.S. government who have been trying to get into a shooting war with Iran for decades.
03/28/2017 11:31 AM
Me: SecDef Mattis is one of them.
03/28/2017 11:32 AM
Charles: If I want to speak to someone in my own capacity, how do I do that?
03/28/2017 11:34 AM
Charles: Well I spoke to sarbanes, got nervous and forgot to mention hr1221. But I mentioned the csb to him so hey that was cool.
03/28/2017 11:47 AM
Me: Csb?
03/28/2017 11:48 AM
Charles: Chemical saftety board. Dad ffs I’ve been on and on about it.
03/28/2017 11:49 AM
Me: I was thinking Israel, Sorry
03/28/2017 11:50 AM
Charles: Well sarbanes seems to be against eliminiating the csb so that’s good.
03/28/2017 11:57 AM
Charles: I took the last slice of chocolate cake from the congressional cafeteria
03/28/2017 12:06 PM
Me: Good for you.
03/28/2017 12:06 PM
Me: Short form: Updated U.N. resolution adopted w/JCPOA probably not violated. Language was “shall not” is now “is called upon not to”. Euro accept this
03/28/2017 12:49 PM
03/28/2017 12:49 PM
Charles: I see.
03/28/2017 12:49 PM
Me: The U.S. is alone in this interpretation of missile tests
03/28/2017 12:50 PM
Charles: I actually already read that link
03/28/2017 12:50 PM
03/28/2017 1:45 PM
03/28/2017 1:46 PM
Charles: Oh and I did remember to tell him about hr 1221
03/28/2017 1:47 PM
Me: What weirdness happened this time?
03/28/2017 1:51 PM
Charles: He asked about my hat
03/28/2017 1:52 PM
Me: The duct tape blindfold?
03/28/2017 1:53 PM
Me: Who is he?
03/28/2017 1:53 PM
Charles: Dutch Ruppersberger is our representative
03/28/2017 1:54 PM
Me: He will remember your hat, though.
03/28/2017 1:55 PM
Charles: I hope so. Today is a good day.
03/28/2017 1:56 PM
Me: Better than yesterday?
03/28/2017 2:01 PM
Charles: Yes
03/28/2017 2:02 PM
Me: Make any new friends m
03/28/2017 2:02 PM
Charles: Does our rep count?
03/28/2017 2:03 PM
Me: Nope. You are a constituent, not a friend.
03/28/2017 2:03 PM
Me: I was actually wondering about other attendees.
03/28/2017 2:04 PM
Me: Text me when you’re headed home.
03/28/2017 2:52 PM
Charles: Ok, will be heading out soon
03/28/2017 2:55 PM