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Do Not Read If You are Prone to Nightmares

This is some seriously bent sh%$.

If you click through, you have been warned.

H/t JR at the Stellar Parthenon BBS.

In the annals of the truly disturbing, it always seems that reality of the human condition outpaces the most inventive imaginations that fiction has to offer.

Case in point, The Furred Reich, AKA Nazi Furries:

“It’s just a piece of cloth, that’s really what it is.”

Foxler Nightfire is calling me from his home in Fort Collins, Colorado. Over the last few days, the 29-year-old has faced a torrent of online abuse after posting a picture of himself dressed as a fox on the social network Twitter.

Though furries – people who dress up as animals, occasionally for sexual purposes – often face criticism, it is something other than Foxler’s fur-suit (known as a “fursona” – fur persona) that has drawn the internet’s ire. The problem? On his left arm he is wearing a red armband, emblazoned with a white circle, in which sits a black symbol.

The accessory looks like a Nazi armband.

Nazi furries exist and I never been more ready to knock someone the f%$# out https://t.co/5AJs3hmLMc

— XVX La Flare (@powerxslave) January 31, 2017

Always be yourself and never let anyone change you, forever and always furry. Thanks to everyone and the #AltFurry for the support pic.twitter.com/WyaHAf9gNZ

— Foxler Nightfire (@starfoxACEFOX) January 27, 2017

“It’s obviously not a swastika,” claims Foxler – who also insists his furry name is a portmanteau of “Fox” and his real surname, “Miller”, not “Hitler”, as many online argue. Foxler says he first began wearing the armband – which features a paw print in place of a swastika – after he dropped out of high school and started playing the online role-playing game Second Life, in which the band was available as a character accessory.

“I didn’t take any consideration because of my lack of World War Two knowledge,” he says. “I don’t think I could ever take it off at this point, it’s so ingrained into my character, my fursona.”


Foxler’s story sounds very convenient, and I searched his name on Twitter along with the word “Jew” to see if he had made hateful comments. Although I initially found nothing, some other furries – who are against Nazi furries – message me some screenshots of comments they claim Foxler has made on YouTube, in which he says “I hate black people” and “I stand by Hitler”.

Foxler admits he made these comments but tells me he was just “trolling”.


But just because Foxler claims not to identify as a “Nazi furry”, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In 2005, a LiveJournal page was created for those who were both furries and fetishised Nazi uniforms. Since then the group has spread, with illustrations and roleplays across the internet. There is now even an erotic novel, The Furred Reich, available to buy on Amazon.

Make it stop.

For the love of God, make it stop.