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I Just Had a Real Political Insight

I was in an online discussion today about the inaccuracy of the polls, and I noted that one of the issues is that people are no longer answering their phones because of the deluge of robocalls.

And then I made the throw away line:

If Donald Trump Has Promised to Nuke Bangalore to End the Spam Calls, He Would Have Won 48 States.

I just realized that there is a real and deep truth, and I made the point by accident.  (Which is probably the only way that I could find a deep insight, I’m kind of shallow.)

Also:  If a presidential candidate promises to crack down on robocalls, they will top 400 electoral votes.

Deep Thought

I hypothesize that aliens not contacted us because they have intercepted the broadcast of our televangelists, and they are trying to figure out whether or not we are an elaborate hoax.

Seriously, if your only exposure to the planet earth is our television, particularly Sunday morning programming, whether it be Pat Robertson or Chuck Todd, you would have to conclude that this is all some intricate prank, and a rather cruel one at that.

Deep Thought

I’m trying to figure out a way to comment on the rapidly accumulating major f%$# ups by Donald Trump and his Evil Minions.

I’m think that every time I refer to a Trump-related scandal, I should append the phrase, “and zombies,” to the end.

So, it would be, “Russiagate, and zombies,” and “Jared Kushner’s business dealings, and zombies,” or, “Anything involving Betsy Devos, and Zombies.”

I would appreciate comments from my reader(s) about this.

Also, I would be much obliged for any suggestions for alternate phrases.