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Love, Love, Love: Part Two.................... Gail Sandra Klein

"Does he really love me?" "How does she really feel?"
Oh boy. Now we get to the goooooooood stuff. Who doesn't want to know whether the apple of hir eye reciprocates hir tender regard? We all do! (Unless we're too
Neptunian to really care....relax, that was a joke.) And believe it or not, there really is a way to know. I learned this technique from astrologer Robert Marks, or more
specifically, from a conference lecture tape I nabbed. The method begins with the Davison Relationship Chart (the space/time midpoint chart of the two sets of birth data), and then goes a step beyond. And what a step! Here goes:

You run the Davison Chart for the parties involved. Then you run two more Davison Charts. One is the original Davison Chart combined with the natal data of Person A, and the other is the original Davison Chart combined with the natal data of Person B.

Let's take an example. To preserve privacy, the natal data of the couple in our example will not be revealed. Only the data of the resulting Davison Charts will be given:

July 28, 1959
4:17 am (+6)
10:17 UT
104 W 58
.39 N 51

The above data is for the original Davison Chart of the example couple. Next, we have the auxiliary Davison Chart, calculated from the above data
combined with Person A's natal data:

February 8, 1959
10:07 am (+5.5)
15:37 UT
96 W 18
40 N 51

The next and final set of data correspond to the second auxiliary Davison
Chart, calculated from the original Davison Chart data combined with the natal data of Person B.:

January 13, 1960

10:27 pm (+6.5)
16:57 UT
113 W 37
. 38 N 51

There. Now, first, let's take a look at that original Davison Chart for this example couple. 13 Cancer 53 rises (according to AstroWin), with the Moon exalted in Taurus, in the 11th house, in trine to Venus in the third. Not too shabby! We see straight off that this couple are affectionate friends who enjoy talking to each other and doing third house types of things, like taking walks, short trips, etc. But lest the chart seem to lack drama, take a gander at the Mars Pluto conjunction trine Saturn, ruler of the 7th. Are there a few power struggles now and then? A few rules laid upon the table every other day or so? You'd better believe it! The Mercury Uranus conjunction square Jupiter, from the second to fifth houses, suggests a less than conventional mode of expressing affection. On/off, and too often neither knows which way the switch points.

We could easily interpret the entire chart, house by house but, guess what? This is the bird's eye view of this couple's relationship. It doesn't tell us what Persons A and B are really feeling and experiencing within the context of the relationship or, in other words, the ways in which their feelings towards being together differ. This is what is shown by our two auxiliary Relationship Charts. Let's look at Person A's Relationship to the Relationship Chart.

This is the February 8, 1959 chart. We have 10 Aries 19 rising, according to AstroWin. Mars, natural ruler of the Ascendant, opposes Jupiter from the second to the eighth houses. Jeez, a little sexual enthusiasm, ya think? The Sun, almuten of this
Aries Ascending Degree, opposes Uranus, along with Mercury. This isn't exactly the "stroll in the park" type feeling we saw initially in the original Davison Chart. Instead,
there is a tremendous amount of energy here and a good measure of tension. Luckily, there is a wide conjunction of the Sun and Moon, and the Moon's square to Jupiter, as
midpoint of a t-square of Moon, Jupiter, and Mars, at least adds optimism to Person A's feeling about this relationship. There is tension and conflict, but Person A feels it
might be worth the try.

Now let's take a look at Person B's feelings about the relationship. This is the January 13, 1960 chart, with 16 Virgo 32 rising, according to AstroWin. Mercury, the Ascendant ruler, conjoins Saturn in the 4th house. Does Person B match the wild emotional landscape of Person A, whose Ascendant ruler was in a t-square with Moon and Jupiter? Heck, no. Is Person B reserved and somewhat inhibited in expressing hir feelings for Person A? Heck, yes! Luckily, Person B has an opposition of Sun and Moon in hir auxiliary Relationship Chart. Any combination of the Sun and Moon will just about always indicate a sense of belonging together. Otherwise, it would be
very truthful and honest to say (and is anyway), that Person B, while fond of Person A, simply does not match the amount or quality of emotional energy of Person A. Person A is the fonder one of this pair.

Any relationship can be assessed this easily, and this quickly. This special relationship assessment is one of the services I offer to clients.

All Rights Reserved; Gail Sandra Klein; March 22, 2001

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