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Why is Mother Ruled by the 10th? Gail Sandra Klein

A lot of modern astrologers have trouble seeing the reasoning behind this rule of Classical astrology. It's really rather simple. There are two reasons:

1) Since the advent of patriarchy, land was passed from father to son. What is the house of land? The 4th, of course, and therefore there is a connection between land, father, and patriarchal lineage. The mother then becomes the 7th from the 4th, the 10th.

2) The 10th represents that to which we aspire; what we *reach for* in life. Now, what is the very first thing a baby reaches for? Hir mother! What is the very first thing a child looks up into? Hir mother's eyes! Now, I understand that many fine astrologers choose to let the chart decide, by description, which house represents which parent. This is fine for them, and probably does no harm. But I'll bet you can tell that I think I know better....

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