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Yod Configuration with Example Gail Sandra Klein

I think of the quincunx as an aspect which is Neptune flavored. It isn't an aspect that can be used in a direct way, like a square or opposition, but rather it is an area in perpetual resolution, like house cleaning which is never 'finished' but must be done all over again in perpetuity. The quincunx is nebulous -- never quite brought to resolution.

A square between Venus and Neptune, for example, can be resolved in many different ways over the course of a lifetime. There may develop a love of music, or fantasy fiction, and each new manifestation will simply be another way to resolve the energies of the two planets combined. With a square, the energy is dynamic rather than passive, so the pursuits one chooses to manifest the energy must be active and require effort. For example, instead of just listening to the music (passive), one is compelled to
create new harmonies and sing them in, or write music of hir own.

But a quincunx between Venus and Neptune will manifest in less discrete ways. There will be an unquenchable yearning quality to it which will not be satisfied by the direct activities inherent in a square. There's a perpetual dissatisfaction with the quincunx and nothing it yields is ever truly permanent since this is an aspect of constant re-doing.

A yod, to me, also known as a 'finger of God', is a cross to bear. It's a dynamic route of energy which is static until something else squares, opposes, or conjoins one of its bodies or midpoints, to temporarily kick it out of stasis.

A yod is a habit configuration. So even if its owner jars hirself out of one habit, a new one will take its place, although hopefully a better one. An example might be quitting smoking and getting hooked on exercise.

The yod in Prince William's chart, aside from its meanings as a midpoint configuration, suggests a dynamic in perpetuity of love bound up with longing and abandonment anxieties. The houses ruled by Venus will highlight additional hotspots for the manifestation of this energy. With Venus (and Chiron) on the cusp of his 5th, we might expect his attitude toward his future children (if he will have them) to be either very protective, sheltering, and apprehensive, or he will detach from them emotionally in order to try to deny his anxieties and be a cold and distant sort of father.

One positive way to use his yod would be in some form of social work. Social work, by nature, is never completed and would fulfill the re-doing necessitated by the yod as well as make constructive use of the planets involved -- Neptune (service and sacrifice), Pluto (transformation and reform), and Venus (comforts, arts, and values).
With Venus-Chiron on the cusp of the 5th, social work on behalf of children would be a very good outlet for this yod.

Date: 06/27/2000

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