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Mercy And Gail Sandra Klein
Among astrologers, the debate rages on: which planet rules mercy? Which rules compassion? It ain't Neptune.

Neptune is about escape and fantasy. Sure, one can fantasize about a better world under Neptune's spell, but is anything DONE to implement those fantasies? Neptune, if it rules anything at all, rules glamour and falsity. The mirage, the chimera, the intangible. In music, Neptune is benign. But then, music is otherworldly, because it is
intangible and gone as soon as the last note, or chord, is heard.

Neptune can inspire dreams... Neptune is akin to the lure of opium, promising perfect peace. But Neptune cannot deliver it without causing eventual destruction, just like opium.

It is Jupiter which, throughout the ages, has always represented mercy and compassion. The pure principle of Jupiter is the closest we can reach to the god-spirit from our lowly place, here in the mud.

Are we not human? Are we not made of the stuff of which the earth is crafted? We are clay and mud creatures, scurrying on the face of a clay and mud planet. Now, what happens when a muddy vessel is filled with light? A little light shines through, but much is distorted.

Such it is when the pure planetary principle of Jupiter is poured into a human personality. The purity of Jupiter becomes muddied, because we are muddy vessels.

More Now than Before

I can hear arguments already: "Surely the world has become a better place since the discovery of the spiritual Neptune!"; "Surely there is more mercy now on earth than before!" WRONG. Open your opiated Neptunian eyes and TAKE A LOOK AROUND. The balance of people on this planet are suffering fearsomely. WHERE ARE THEIR BENEFACTORS? Here, in the United States, enough loveless people voted for George W. Bush, a man whose philosophy is to pander to the greed and selfishness of the rich, to lie, to steal clean air from your grandchildren in favor of short-term economic gain, to make tears stream from the eyes (not to mention making the blood boil!)

I'm working on neutralizing my hatreds today: that is why I call George W. Bush by his given name, rather than many more fitting I could choose.

The point is, except for pockets of headway here and there, this world is as vicious and hellacious today as it ever was. Remember, we are mud.

Further Suggestion

There are a series of recordings made by the NASA Voyager equipment, which are called "The NASA Space Sounds" recordings. Get them. Listen very closely to each planet. (Unfortunately, no recordings are yet available of Pluto.)

The careful listener will actually hear the voices of the planets. A voice can say more than mere words. Listen to Neptune: you will hear a mad rush of unbounded, almost thrashing, currents of energy. The voice of Neptune is that of a Dyonysian maelstrom! Mercy? Compassion? I don't think so.

Listen to Jupiter: you will hear a voice that is as gentle and as forgiving as angels.

Listen to Earth: it ties with Jupiter for its beauty and gentleness. Why? Because although we're awfully muddy, every living (and possibly non-living) creature on this planet is a facet, or contains a facet, of the Creator(s) living through us. It is up to us to use our Jupiters in the cause of compassion, rather than selfish gain and the accumulation of excessive wealth. Wipe the mud off and see the spirit shine. Give someone a hug. Buy someone a meal. Take the time to talk to someone who needs an ear. Forget the Versacci shoes; they look like hell on you, anyway.

All Rights Reserved; Gail Sandra Klein

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