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Ethical Imperatives for Gail Sandra Klein

1) Never discuss a client or a client session with a third party. (Unless it's your cat.)

2) Never astrologize for friends, or for acquaintances you tend to 'run into' now and then. It makes them feel like they forgot to put their clothes on whenever they see you in public.

3) If you must do public readings, keep them as light as possible. For example, don't talk about their sexual preferences, weird habits, faults, and foibles. You certainly wouldn't want them to talk about *yours*. That stuff's strictly for private client
work, which brings me to number

4) Don't bring up possibly embarrassing or uncomfortable topics; if they're to be discussed, the client must bring them up first.

5) Never leave a client without hope. This doesn't mean you have to lie. You must learn the art of tactfulness, and hone your skills until you are able to see positive, constructive solutions for really bad conditions in the client's present circumstances.

6) Remind your client that we all have some measure of free will and choice, which is where astrology comes in so handy. When you can *see* what the problem is, you can better *choose* what to do about it, rather than letting fate flip its fickle

7) Don't practice astrology until you've studied it for a minimum of seven years. Otherwise, you're an idiot giving the rest of us a bad rap.

Gail Sandra Klein; March 16, 2001

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