Bill Donohue. Professional Bigot at it again.

The Picture in question:

Miller apologizes for street festival poster
Promo drew complaints from Catholic group
Posted: Oct. 29, 2007

Miller Brewing Co. Monday apologized for allowing the company’s brand logos to appear on a poster promoting a San Francisco street festival that some viewed as offensive to Catholics.

The poster was a parody of Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper,” featuring men and women wearing leather. It promoted the Folsom Street Fair, an annual event that features exhibits on sexual practices. This year’s fair occurred in September.

We know the real reason that Bill Donohue got his nipples in a twist*, it wasn’t the leather. It was the black Jesus. This guy has a long history of deeply bigoted statements.

Besides, this is a hoot. It’s almost as funny as the Last Supper Scene in the movie M*A*S*H*.

*Yeah, I know, cheap pun, but I gotta be me.

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