Edwards Goes on the Attack

He’s going after Hillary Clinton’s character. There are a number of reasons that this might be a winner.

  1. The Clinton machine, and by this, I mean the wider net cast in Bills machine, and not just Hillary, is sold out and intellectually corrupt, if not legally so, see my posts on the adventures of Mark Penn, union buster for what is typical.
  2. Hillary has on a number of occasions made some rather spirited defenses of lobbiests.
  3. Washington, DC, where Hillary is finally accepted, is morally, spiritually, and ethically bankrupt.
  4. This is the leading concern of people about Hillary in the polls.

That being said, with 63 days until the Iowa caucuses, I think that the best tack might be to make sure that everyone there is well organized. A very small percentage of Iowa Dems go to the caucuses, and it’s all about organization, organization, organization, and organization.

Then again, it might be too bloody late for anyone to stop her.

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