GOP tries Arm Twisting Bush Dogs Over Contempt Citations

This comes as no surprise. After all, as much as pukes like Joe Lieberman would have us believe it, being a Bush dog is not a statement of strength, but a statement of weakenss, so with dear leader at 26 percent, the Republicans are threatening attack ads, because they might support investigations into Bush wrongdoing.

This is cowardice, and when these folks act this way, it depicts the entire Democratic party as a bunch of cowards who can’t be trusted. That is why they are a liability that needs to be minimized.

This isn’t Dan Burton and his watermelons. This is an investigation into turning the Justice Department into a wing of the Republican party. It is worse than anything Nixon ever did.

Message to Bush Dogs, stand up for your country and grow a backbone. This isn’t politics, this is the country that you have to say.

To quote REPUBLICAN Dick Thornburgh, George Herbert Walker Bush’s Attorney General:

“The citizens of the United States must have confidence that the department is conducting itself in a fair and impartial” manner, “without actual political influence or the appearance of political influence.

Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case,” Thornburgh said.

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