This Has Got To Be the Definitive Line On Barack Obama

This is from Kevin Drum, who I read regularly, “I guess I’m sympathetic toward Hillary but really, really wishing that Obama would give me a good reason to change my mind and support him instead.”

Let me make this clear, Obama is now at the bottom of my list. I believe that he engaged in gay baiting in an attempt to get votes in South Carolina, but for those who are not so convinced, think about this, if the “it politician” of the 2004 convention can’t sell you, the one who was touted as the future of the party and the nation, how can he sell the rest of the country.

My conclusion, he got lucky in 2004. His primary challengers self destructed, and then his general challenger did, after which he faced Alan Keys, against whom I could win.

Until he shows that he can do something about that luck beside mouth platitudes, he will not make this sale.

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