My Predictions On Iowa


  1. Huckabee
  2. Romney
  3. Everyone else

I think that Huckabee and Romney are the only two who will break the double digits, and Huckabee’s supporters are more than enthusiastic. What the heck are the Romney supporters going for anyway, that hair?


  1. Edwards
  2. Clinton
  3. Obama
  4. Dodd
  5. Everyone else.

I’m much less sure of these, but here goes:

Edwards and Clinton will be very close, with the fact that Edwards is the 2nd choice of almost all the minor candidates giving him more than a boost than Hillary’s supporters being more politically tied in.

The fact that Edwards has spent the past 3 years building a network will help too.

Obama will come in firmly in 3rd. He’s gots “lots of young new voters”, all of whom will get completly owned in the complex Iowa Democratic Caucus Structure.

Dodd, with his filibuster in the senate floor, will, I think, end up a firm 4th place, though there is a possibility of him taking 3rd.

Given my record, I think trhat I’m something like 0 for 23 on everything, not just politics, I’d love to hear your predictions.

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