Austan Goolsbee Fingered as NAFTA Contact In Obama Campaign

So reprots CTV News.

There are three possibilities.

The first is that these discussions never happened, in which case both Obama and Goolsbee deserve an apology.

The second is that Goolsbee did talk to the ambassador with the approval of the campaign, in which case everyone in the campaign deserves a dope slap and a severance notice.

This would be unnecessary and stupid, and I do not think that the members of Obama campaign are that stupid. (If they are, then they deserve to lose)

The third possibility is that Goolsbee decided to do this unofficially on his own.

If that’s the case, he needs to be dropped in an ostentatiously public manner, because you can’t afford to have someone freelancing like this on policy or diplomacy.

I do know that Mr. Goolsbee has occasionally read my blog, so if he wants to make a statement, I will post it unedited.

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