I Think Obama’s Speech Deflated this Concern

I have always had a concern that Barack Obama might be too focused on nobility to take it to his opponents, or as David Kurtz puts it

One thing I’ve come away from here in Denver, in talking to various people, is the sense that the Obama campaign has become consumed with its brand as an end in itself. They did such a good job of packaging hope, optimism, and change that they are now resistant to any campaign strategies or tactics that might, in the eyes of some people, damage the brand.

They remind me of the classic car aficionado who beautifully and meticulously restores a vintage sports car but can’t bring himself to risk actually driving the thing.

While it is not to be his advantage to be the hatchet man of his campaign, that’s Biden’s job, it’s clear that he is able to take it to John Sidney McCain III.

I think that this needs to be a regular part of his campaign, and I think that this will be a regular part of his campaign.

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