Pardongate is Coming Early This Year

George W. Bush released 19 pardons, including one for Mr. Isaac Robert Toussie, a crooked real estate developer who victimized minority first time home buyers.

When the details came out, and it was revealed that his father, Robert Toussie, had contributed heavily to the Republican National Committee (RNC), Bush decided to reverse the pardon.

No bit surprise there. It’s embarrassed having been caught selling a pardon, and it makes it very difficult for the ‘Phants to challenge Obama’s AG nominee, Eric Holder, on the Mark Rich pardon.

The interesting thing is that Bush may not have the power to reverse the pardon, maintaining that it had not been “delivered” because the, “Pardon Attorney had yet to “execute and deliver grants of clemency to the named individuals.”

According to the Pardon Power Blog, this may not be true, as “The Office of the Pardon Attorney (OPA) called each grantee (or his counsel) via telephone and told him that he’d been pardoned by the President,” so the pardons may have already been legally delivered and accepted, and that “receiving the president’s warrant and sending notifications to the petitioners is purely ‘a ministerial act of notification.’

So, once again, we are hip deep in a complete f$#@-up courtesy of Bush and His Evil Minions.

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