Election Update

Well, there is now a number for the absentee ballots that the counties mistakenly rejected, and that number is 1350.

So Franken wants all the ballots that were positively identified as being incorrectly excluded to be counted, which is fair, unless you are a Republican, in which case, I guess that it is communism, because Coleman only wants 136 of those ballots counted….and a “review” of another 654 ballots that aren’t identified as improperly excluded.

I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!

Gee, you think that Coleman is trying to ensure only absentee ballots in precincts that went for him get counted? (Cue Captain Renault)

In the meantime, Amy Klobuchar is suggesting that once the vote is certified, that the winner be seated without prejudice by the Senate.

Of course, Senator John Cornyn (R-Taliban) is insisting that this would be outrageous and without precedent, despite the fact that the House seated a representative without prejudice in 2007 (Vern Buchanan), and the Republican controlled Senate did this in 1997 (Mary Landrieu), but Cornyn also believes that there are people out there who want to have sex with box turtles.

BTW, for a quick primer of what the heck has been going on, the St. Paul Pioneer-Press has this useful FAQ.

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