Crazy Misha

So on the way out, one group of batsh%$ insane people, Bush and His Evil Minions, are going to saddle us with someone who is even crazier, Mikhail Saakashvili, President of Georgia, because they intend to sign a sign a strategic partnership treaty on January 4.

Just another of those gifts to America from George W. Bush….Because leaving all 300 million of us barefoot and pregnant is logistically difficult.

This is a bad idea because the Georgian state security apparatus has been completely penetrated by the Russians, so any information that we give to the Georgians is heading straight to Moscow, and it’s a bad idea because President Mikhail Saakashvili is simply crazy.

When I say crazy, I’m not speaking metaphorically. We have a report of Saakashvili throwing punches and a telephone at his Prime Minister.

While the above report is Fox News, and should thus be treated as if it came from…well…Fox News, we are seeing similar reports of erratic behavior in the New York Times, which reports his statements of grandiose plans (teaching every Georgian to speak and read English in the next 2 years), and pulling facts out of the air (claiming that the Russians invaded before he attacked).

The article also raises concerns about his increasingly dictatorial grip on the apparatus of the state, and his comparing himself to Georgian King, and Saint, David the Builder and George Washington.

I think that this report is saying, in a low key way, two things, that he’s nuts, and that his continued political survival is in doubt.

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