So My Prediction on the Ukraine and the Crimea…..

So, I make a prediction that Russia will use the Ukrainian gas debt to get the Crimea, and it looks like I’ve been proved wrong in less than a week…..Narf!

It appears that Ukraine has agreed to pay their old gas bill, and a new deal for 2009 is ready….Only both sides are disputing whether Ukraine has actually paid the debt:

Russia has said it will turn off the taps to Ukraine if it
does not receive $2 billion in arrears and conclude a new supply
deal, a threat that has alarmed European states which receive
their Russian gas via pipelines passing through Ukraine.

OK, maybe I haven’t been proved wrong yet…..Narf!

Gazprom is threatening to cut off gas to the Ukraine, it appears that the dispute is now their late fees, and not the actual gas themselves.

I’m wondering when Russia will construct a pipeline through Belarus.

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