When the Rude Pundit Isn’t

He isn’t rude, that is, at least after the first paragraph, where he compares Republicans to fattie amputee midget S&M fetishists who draw a line when someone sends them links to child porn:

Some conservatives have actually gotten queasy with the release of the torture memos and the Senate Armed Services Committee report on the same. Maggie Gallagher, who has lived for years now off the lucre she makes from her hatred of gay marriage, once praised the illegal data mining that Bush’s NSA did: “When exposed to information about efforts like this by President Bush, I am not outraged. I’m deeply grateful. And worried now about who might die now that The New York Times has published this information.” Now, in the National Review Online (motto: “Is anyone still reading this sh$# beyond bloggers who need something to argue with?”), Gallagher writes, “I personally believe torture is wrong. We shouldn’t do it. Even if it means me, my husband, and my two sons get blown up. Seriously, if I had to choose I’d say: Death is common to us all; torture is a choice.” It’s as impassioned an anti-torture statement as anyone on the Left has made.

($#@ of swear words mine, as is the emphasis)

He’s right. Maggie Gallagher gets it.

Go read the rest.

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